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New Stray Kitten

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Well I guess its that time of year again for them to start showing up.
A little 12 week old kitten (guessing at the age) followed my mom home a couple weeks ago. She has been coming to the door to be fed ever since.

She is a grey tabby and a big sweetie. A little nervous but calms down fast.

The only problem is...she doesn't seem to like other cats. They make her nervous. I would like to adopt her. We have extra room since Jasmine passed away.

Can I please get some tips on introducing her to the others and making it a little easier on her? Mine love other cats and have no problem at all with newbies so I know that there won't be a problem with them.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Oh, bless you for wanting to adopt this little needy one -- I sure hope you can, and do! Patience, gradual introductions over a period of time while keeping her in a separate room from your other cats, and perhaps rubbing an old towel, cloth or Tshirt on the others and then on her, are all tactics in the getting-to-know-you challenge. GOOD LUCK and may you soon have a big, happy cat family including this little sweet girl!
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Thank you for your reply. This is the first time that I have ever had any problems with introductions. All of mine are always happy to greet another and welcome them...they just want to be friends.

The 30th I will have an extra room so I am going to try to wait until then to bring her in. Hopefully she warms up to them soon and figures out they arn't going to harm her.

I am thinking of either Sassy, Sophie, Kaylie or Dixie (the name of my group and chat room online...she could be our little mascot lol.) Sassy seems to fit her better though.

We will have to make arrangements to get her spayed and checked out soon too.
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