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Ack! Poor Nikita

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I got home after seeing a friend tonight and Nikita was very happy to see me as per usual. Then she went to eat some of her dry food and bang! she started coughing and wheezing a bit and eventually threw up some white foamy looking saliva with a tiny bit of blood in.

I immediately phoned the local emergency vet since it's 11pm here. They said that since she was not having trouble breathing to wait and see and not bring her in. Rather take her in tomorrow if she was still not back to normal and then only feed her soft food for a few days now since her throat is probably a bit scratched up.

It's horrible to see her like this though Coughing and retching. I gave her a tiny little bit of wet food (just remembering that when I've had stuff stuck in my throat soft foods usually made me feel a bit better) and she ate that and didn't seem to have any trouble getting it down.

I'm still really worried though poor girl, I hope it's like the e-vet said and it was just food that got stuck in her throat and is gone but her throat is a bit scratched up by that so she'll still be bothered for a bit.


So yeah well wishes for her would be appreciated, she's breathing fine but any noises from her mouth seem amplified somehow and she's still swallowing noticably, coughing sometimes and looking uncomfortable and very subdued to how she normally is.
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Poor baby ..sending some feel better vibes right over.

If its not too late for you, you can always boil her some chicken.
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Lots of well wishes for your poor baby. Its always tough when your pet is sick because we really dont know what pain they are in, Get Well Nikita!
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Poor baby! I hate to see them sick. I hope that Nikita feels better soon.
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Wow TCS vibes work quickly. She's not back to normal but she's purring and kneading with me on the sofa now so she can't be feeling too bad. It has a bit of a feel of trying to make herself feel as good as she can because she's not feeling great but still.

Yep she just stopped her kneading to cough but she has started the kneading and purring again. That should be a good sign though, right?

I should go to sleep, it's almost midnight here now but I'm not going to stand up from the sofa now when she's making herself comfortable. I wouldn't be able to sleep just yet anyway.
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Awww poor Nikita! Be more careful when you're eating sweety! More on the way.
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Sending lots of healing vibes your way Poor Nikita - it reminds me of how uncomfortable I was when I got an artichoke sticker stuck in my throat - it took several days to feel better
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good wishes for beautiful Nikita
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Awww, poor Nikita I am sending many vibes for her
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I hope she is back to normal soon
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Poor baby! And poor you, it must have been so scary! Hope you can both sleep and she feels better tomorrow...
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AWWWWWW! Healing vibes for sweet Nikita! I know how hard those dry food bits can be and my clowder members have each had their occasions of regurgitating'd be like us hacking up a biscuit or crisp, I guess! Not a pleasant thought...FEEL BETTER SOON, NIKITA!
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Poor girl. Sending
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Thanks everyone for the vibes!

She seems to be completely back to normal this morning.
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Get Well Soon Nikita you beautiful little girly
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Very glad to hear she is better - what a pretty cat she is!
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Thats good to hear what a relief
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I'm glad Nikita has recovered.
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I am so glad that Nikita is feeling better,
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I'm glad Nikita is feeling better. She's a beautiful cat!
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