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HORRORS ! .:emba:

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I just read an article about Declawing and Sir Bentleys declawed , not my choice , I adopted him this way !


I had NO idea..........No wonder Bentley is so afraid of humans .
Except for me now , but I can only imagine....OH MY GOD !


Rebecca P
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Rebecca, this is a type of post that should go into the health and nutrition forum. We have a lot of declaw discussions there.
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Rebecca, I understand your feelings on this. Unfortunately, most cat owners don't know what declawing really is and many vets continue to act as if it is a "routine procedure". Some baby books (for preparing for human babies) list declawing your cat as one of the things to do.

The only way to combat declawing is to educate people about what it really involves and the possible behavioural and physical side effects of the procedure. Vets won't do it because it is big money for them, so it's up to us - the average cat owner and lover - to educate the people around us. When you hear someone talking about getting it done, let them know what it really is. When a friend talks about getting a cat, ask them if they are considering this procedure and tell them what you know about it. Hopefully one day we can get a ban on declawing, like many other countries already have.

For the record, I also have a declawed cat but I have only myself to blame. When we took him in for neutering, the vet recommended we get it done at the same time. When I asked, point blank, what it involved they lied to me and said "It's just removing the nail and the nail bed." No mention of possible behavioural or physical problems for the cat, certainly no mention of amputating the first knuckle, nothing. I see my baby every day knowing the pain and horror that I put him through and regret that decision that I made, even though he, fortunately, doesn't have behavioural issues and has yet to develop physical issues (he's only 3 now). That's why I say it is so important for each one of us who feels the way you do to educate every other person we can. The vets certainly won't.
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Hey Ya'll ,

I just wanted to Thank You both for responding . And to say that I was deeply disturbed at that article . The Vet. that I used to work for NEVER showed me that kind of procedure . It was always done behind closed doors , so to speak...

I posted that in the "GENERAL THOUGHTS" because I know that everyone out there need to know about this barbaric procedure . That was not a mistake in posting at all !

I do know that this needs to be against the law in all the states .
I felt Bentleys toes this morning and all there was were nubs.....I can't imagine the pain he went through . I'm So upset about this , I'm about to start a crusade myself !

As far as your having had your kittie declawed , don't blame yourself , it's the damned "Vets" fault and yes they are in it for the money........THE :censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor::censor:S !

Ok , Im'a get off this subject for now.....I could go on and on , but , it'll just piss me off even more . Sorry for the lingo !!!!
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I have a friend who mentioned that he was going to have his kitty declawed at the same time he was neutered. I told him all the bad stuff about declawing and pointed him to info on the web. He STILL had his kitty declawed. What do you say then? Even after having the information, he STILL got poor little kitty declawed. (I still can't believe it.)
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Hi there ,

All I can really say is that there are a crapload of so called "human beings" that are so intuned to their lifestyles and don't care about the feelings of an animal . Speaks volumes to me . If someone is that damned oblivious after being told about the procedure , then I'll tell you what.....DON'T TRUST THIS PERSON cause he's just as oblivious to humans as well !

You cannot do anything per se' , well , not anymore . He's gonna do what he wants . I hope the kitty CRAPS on his head for doing this....IT"S WRONG ! The kittie will retaliate , I can promise you this , IF that's some comfort to you . I just hope the idiot doesn't do anything to the kittie . If he does......report him . Confiscate the kittie if you have to or are able to and keep the poor thing out of harms way if you see that kinda stuff going on .

Tell ya what.....If I had his E-Mail addy....I'd gladly send him a note personally . And it would NOT be a pretty note either !!!!!

OH !
This really gets to me !

People and their damned so called rights.....WHAT ABOUT THE ANIMALS ??????

OK , I'm off this for now.....getting a tad too pissed here

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