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Inappropriate urination

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A couple of months ago, I noticed that someone had peed on the rug by my backdoor. I had just gotten done vaccuming so I assumed that whoever it was had been too nervous about me cleaning and had just decided to go there. It happened once or twice more until about last week. Now, they are peeing by the back door every day (I got rid of the rug), peeing by the front door and on top of the fridge.

I had my cat spaz tested for a uti since he's prone to getting them. He had a very slight one, but the vet didn't think it would be enough of one to cause him to urinate every where. So, I layed a towel next to the backdoor and set up my video camera. I caught my cat Jennifer, on tape, walking over, squatting and walking away. She did not actually urinate though when she did this. So I took her in. She does not have a UTI. So, heres my problem....

I have several other cats in the house (Pheelicks, Mew, Cleo, Weeble, and Cillian ) Who could also be doing it. Whoever it is, has a VERY strong smell and it looks like it could be uti kind of urine. (dark in color) I know its not Cillian since he's too small to get on the fridge and its not weeble since she has CH and lacks the coordination to get on the fridge also. So that narrows it down to... Mew, Pheelicks, and Cleo. Pheelicks just had a senoir wellness done in august and his urine was normal. He also doesn't tend to get on top of the fridge. So I'm pretty sure its not him. Which leaves Cleo and Mew...

How do I figure out who it is and why did Jennifer squat on the towel? I would rather it be a uti then behavioral. Could it be stones? I'm mostly worried that its jennifer acting up from me not being home any where near as much as I use to. (I recently started back at school) I just cant take it.... The whole kitchen smells like cat pee!!!!

I read the sticky about this subject and am going to buy feliway, and some kind of urine smell remover tonight. I ALLWAYS use the same litter so that can't be it... My litterboxes are always clean because I hate for my house to smell. Any other ideas???? I think my head is going to explode

Also, We started spaz on clavamox and discovered that it makes him vomit. Baytril is strong so I'm afriad that will make him vomit too, but amoxi is such a weak, broad spectrum anitbiotic, that I'm afraid it wont work....

I HATE urine problems... I would rather deal with anything else but this.... Why cant I have normal, healthy cats???
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Very dark urine means someone is sick. Take a sample in to be tested, and get symptoms from the vet, or further samples you can take to eliminate the cats. Cats are good at pretending they are not sick, so we have to outwit them sometimes.

This way the vet could consult with the problem and you don't have to haul over cats unneccesarily.
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Is three parts water one part vinegar and a dash of dishwashing detergent. Then dust the area with baking soda. Then wash it again. There are enzyme cleaners that can work very well, but are highly dependent on the type of surface.

You can also sit near the spot and see who comes over to it and tries to get your attention. If someone is sending a signal, they might want to expand on it.
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I think I may have figured it out!!!! I went to trim Jennifers nails this evening. Her nails tend to grow quickly and are brittle from her hyperthyroidism, so they have to be trimed often. If I don't they will either grow into her paw pad or they will break off. Well, As i was trimming I discovered that one of her nails was broken off pretty far back and even looked like there was damage to her nail bed. Its not the first time she has broken her nail but it certainly looks like the worst so far. There wasn't any blood but it looked painful to me. (She even tried to bite me for messing with it)

I think that might be why she was urinating outside of her box. It maybe too painful for her to walk around in the litter so she has opted to pee on the tile.

At least thats what I'm hoping. A broken nail I can fix. Behavioral is a lot harder...
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