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Kittening Pen / Cage

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I found 2 kittening Pens or Cages that I kinda like....but they are sold in the United Kingdom. Does anyone know where something like this can be purchased here in the US??



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looks like a easy to do yourself... it is a few bourds of plywood.. PVC pipes and chicken wire
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The one that Giver posted is the one I used for my queens/kittens. Its very well made, easy to clean and wonderful for not only the kittens, but to isolate a new cat or isolate one that you need a stool sample from.
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What about a ferret cage like this?


The Humane Society here has three now, we love them.
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I like the kitty playpen vs the ferret one - but either would work.
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I usually only have 1 new litter at a time. Until the kittens are about 5 wks, they are keep in the converted room in our master bedroom (used to be a 2nd closet). Then they are moved to the "kitten room", to make room for a new queen. But right now I am actually expecting 2 litters, mid november. 1 of the queens does not like to be bothered for the 1st week and likes it very dark. The other one, doesn't care who is around or whether it is light or dark. Because of this, I need to find something else to put the queen in who does not like to be bothered. I can still keep in the Kittening room, but put a blanket or towel over to make it dark for her. Other then not liking to be bothered in the beginning, she is an awsome mom...just likes peace and quiet the 1st week.

I like the Kitten playpen you guys mentioned. I think I saw something like this at PetCo. I will definately check it out. Thanks for your suggestions.

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Originally Posted by vrgchs View Post
I like the Kitten playpen you guys mentioned. I think I saw something like this at PetCo. I will definately check it out. Thanks for your suggestions.
Petco charges a pretty penny for their kitten playpens. You can go to ebay and get one http://cgi.ebay.com/Cat-Playpen-Fold...QQcmdZViewItem or you can go directly to www.dog.com. Somebody else might have some other suggestions but that is where I got mine. When it arrived the tray was broken but I contacted dog.com and they got a replacement to me very quickly.
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To keep drafts out, I covered (3/4) of the cage with a sheet - a full size sheet should work well to cover most of 3 sides.
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I have a large dog kennel I use, and my favourite a Bunny Hutch. I am going to be building my own cages here shortly, but I will keep the hutchy because its perfect really. and even has ist very own seperate area for litter, ect.
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I saw some Kitten playpens on ebay this weekend, I think I am going to go with one of those. Thanks everyone for your help!!
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