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I have a slight problem, but I have promising news

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Okay I was sent a reply on my interview and they want me to come to an interview at their main regional office but the town they want me to meet them at is a little ways from me, not too far, and I know absolutely nothing about this town. And I told them I would still be interested, because this is a chance of a lifetime, or atleast it is around here, and I told them I am certain I can find it with really good directions but I really suck at directions I am horrible with them. So should I see if a friend will go with me ? Most of my friends probably wouldn't go. And I don't even know if I know how to get to the town. I have a rough guess of the general direction and that is about it.

But atleast they want to interview me. So should I wear a dressy skirt and blouse or a nice blouse and black dress pants, and the only dressy black shoes I have are my leather boots. Should I go buy some flats or wear the boots, I can't wear heels I would fall on my face. I do have a nice pair of heels but I don't know where they are.
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Good news!...Always dress nice for interviews - if weather is appropriate, boots are fine...and for directions: Mapquest can give you a turn-by-turn set of directions...best of luck!
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Don't go too dressy...but don't go casual. A skirt & a nice shirt, paired with some pretty(maybe small heels) would be great!

If you can get a friend to go with you, do. Otherwise, can you get directions online, like from Map Quest?
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God Luck I have used map Quest it is good
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mapquest.com is great for directions, the English equivalent was a life saver while I was temping...

Always arrive 15 minutes early, but allow way to much time for travelling and you should be fine.

Personally I would never go to an interview without wearing a skirt suit, but thats just me

Congrats on the interview
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I agree with the others, wear a skirt and nice heels. Use mapquest too. If you have a chance drive to the location before the interviw so you know how much time to allocate for driving.
Do some research on the company on their website so you are familiar with them too.
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Good job!

My advice: Dress to Impress

If you underdress you won't get the job. I've seen way too many people come in for interviews over the years wearing capri pants and a casual top that get walked back out the door, despite having a seemingly nice personality.

If you're serious about getting the job, not only display that on your interview but project it non verbally. If you have a suit, wear it. If you don't have one, I would eventually invest in one if this is the new career path you want to take.
Anyways: dress shirt or blouse, skirt or slacks (khakis or colored jeans don't count), and dressy closed-toe shoes. Also wear nylons if you have on a skirt.

If you're unfamiliar with a place, ask a friend and offer to take her to Starbucks or something. A second pair of eyes is always great when you're someplace unfamiliar.
Otherwise compare directions on Mapquest, yahoo maps and google maps. Verify where it is you're going.
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