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Goes berserk in enclosure

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Hi Heeelp I am still having major issues with hissy a feral I rescued, since he has been in his enclosure and when he sees another cat he goes berserk and runs at the wire following such an incident he is now growling and grimacing and sneezing blood and has done something to ear as well. I phoned the vet out of hours now and he said the symptoms I described don’t warrant a visit .not sure now if I described the symptoms well enough. Does anyone know how I can stop this behaviour in the enclosure or should I put him in the shed again for a few days to chill out.or make arrangements to keep him indoors. I feel that the progress that I have made with him has now been lost since he has been fenced in, I don’t know what to do
Picture hissy growling and grimacing
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Where does he seem calmest and most comfortable? That's where he should be. You might try toweling the enclosure (leave front of carrier unobstructed for air, of course!) if the carrier's the place. Otherwise, he needs peace and quiet, calm, reassurance (verbal, if he won't tolerate any stroking) and time and patience. Feed him well -- he looks thin -- and monitor him regarding the sneezing and his ear. If you see more signs he has an injury, I would take him to a vet -- maybe not the vet you just talked to, but be sure the vet will treat ferals. GOOD LUCK to Hissy and to you, and keep us updated, please! Continuing to send healing vibes and best thoughts to him and to you.
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
Feed him well -- he looks thin -- and monitor him regarding the sneezing and his ear. If you see more signs he has an injury, I would take him to a vet.
Thanks for your suggestions and i do feed him well according to the vet him weighs a fraction over 20 pounds the biggest feral he has seen. I never been much good at taking photos
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He needs a place where other cats can't look at him. He's like someone raised by wolves. He doesn't know how to communicate with these cats, and without that skill, he doesn't know if this cat coming closer is trying to make friends or is about to attack him.

The stress makes him even less likely to tolerate the other cats looking at him, and the enclosure makes it worse. I would say the more privacy the better for this cat, until the cat calms down and is affectionate with you. Is he?
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Originally Posted by Werebear View Post
I would say the more privacy the better for this cat, until the cat calms down and is affectionate with you. Is he?
Prior to the enclosure there was hopeful signs like he would approach me for catnip but since he has been in the enclosure its all growls and hisses i cannot let him out again because he fights neighbourhood cats worse than this he pursued next door cat through there cat flap to continue the fight indoors the owner got bitten so badly that she required hospital treatment trying to break it up also he done in a pet rabbit in as well. I dont know what to do
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Yeah, I think I'm agreeing with a couple posters and your idea: back into the shed for some chill time, especially if that's where he was starting to respond to you. Being out - he just isn't ready for it. Also, "ditto" on checking with a vet to make sure he or she treats ferals - I found out that some will not.
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Time cures everything (or at least helps) and it's probably going to be your best approach.
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Thanks for your help Hissy is in the shed at the moment and seems more relaxed but its damp and full of spiders, also its like a prison so i rarther he did not spend to much time in there. so i am preparing the loft its a large warm unused area its even got windows i thought he might benefit from a few weeks in there the only problem is that you have to stick your head in first as you climb the ladder. Im still annoyed at my vets attitude i have ALWAYS payed on time and i still think theres something wrong with his nose even today
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It sounds like the place you are making for him in the loft is a great idea. Have you tried Rescue Remedy? It's a flower essence sold in health food store which you can put in his water.

This cat has a serious cat aversion and that may not respond to treatment. However, if you could tame him reliably with people, he would make someone a good "only cat."

I think cats are more fun in bunches, but some cats will never get along with other cats and some people like the intense one-on-one that occurs with the right cat. A people friendly, cat averse cat will be great for a shut-in, or anyone else who is often lonely. This way, neither of them are lonely.

Try seeing him with people away from all cats. He has to feel confident cats will not invade his space at any time before he relaxes and shows you what he is really like. Most of the time this behavior in strays indicates some cat stole his food when he was really hungry, maybe many times, and now it is tied up with a survival instinct and can be difficult to eradicate.
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I agree with the other about just giving him time. Let him chill out and start working with him again. If you can put his food just inside of a small space or the carrier. Then as time goes on, put it further and futher inside of the carrier. I'm not sure if someone has already told you this, sorry if it's a repeat!
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Silly question, but is he neutered? And hopefully (for the person he bit) has all of his shots?

As for his nose, I've had cats that have hit their noses and bloodied them. They where fine after the swelling went down, no sneezing or any more blood. So you may want to have his nose checked if the sneezing does continue or he looks like it's bothering him.
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I cannot win they are setting off fireworks 8 days ahead of firework night and hissy my feral cat was going bonkers again and trying escape through the shed window luckily I had chicken mesh in front but he has still managed to break the window and is bleeding from his nose again, I gave in trying to get him in a carrier but i managed to get him in a laundry basket and have moved him to the basement as it will be another three days before the workmen complete his attic room. I can still hear him now in the basement continually growling this is even freaking out my normal cat. but It’s the quietest place I have for him at the moment, the basement has no windows and covers a large area the main problems is monitoring him as its only a little over one metre high, I am not sure if I should leave the lights on for him or not, Poor hissy I only want him to have a quiet happy life
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Oh man, what a bad break - poor Hissy! Poor nose! Well, it won't be long before he has his own space and plenty of time to settle down in it. He sure is being put through it though - you, too
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He can do it. You've done it before with him. Do not take these setbacks personally.

You need to get over your guilt about not making everything perfect for him. He doesn't need perfect. He thinks he needs to run in the woods and hide until he dies prematurely of hunger and disease.

You are trying to convince him otherwise. Your efforts, no matter how imperfect, are certainly better than hiding in the woods was doing for him.

Get a stuffed toy, dog toys are good, and rub it all over your hair and give it to him. Put it in his "cave", his sleeping spot, or give him several caves and see which one he likes. If your presence calms him down, this is a good way of calming him.

He will need and crave self-soothing plans, but right now he has only one, which is run away and hide. Try to find him others. Look for what he likes.
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Thanks for all your help i have bit better news about hissy today i left the trap door to the basement under the stairs open and about 5 hours later hissy emerged and started rolling around on a paper covered in catnip, like he did before the enclosure see pic below everything was fine until he heard ginger my cat on the other side of the door to be honest i was shocked he went crazy and was yowling and digging up the carpet to try and get under the door responce below post- the vet reckons his age when he could be bothered to look at him is about 3 years
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I just sent you a PM- Would be happy to help you, but please remember that some cats aren't meant to be kept in captivity. It can be done, but this cat looks older and sometimes they just can't adjust no matter how badly we want them to. At any rate, check your PM's.
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Hello sorry for posting here, I don’t have a cat at the moment and was browsing this site to see what problems owning a cat I could expect, it’s a great site but the crossing the bridge part made me Please would the author of this thread please tell me what make of cat that is, he looks huge and not to fluffy. My hairdresser wages wont stretch to anything to fancy but being 6’6 I am looking 4 a large cat
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Originally Posted by furball100 View Post
Please would the author of this thread please tell me what make of cat that is, he looks huge and not to fluffy.
Sorry furball100 it took me so long to reply but I had to find out from the vet what breed he was and he reckons a Domestic Shorthair and they come in all sizes You probably need to start a thread elsewhere for breed suggestions that meets you requirements

Thank you Hissy ( forum Member ) very much for your help, your right about the spraying, at the moment he thinks he is a fire engine and is putting out imaginary fires guess I need to read up on this problem .

Picture hissy making progress but growling at his food bowl but he still eats it
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Sounds like Hissy is coming around, slow but sure...sounds like a territorial cat and hearing Ginger anywhere near "his" space set him off...I kind of feel for him: if he could think in human, I imagine it's something like "I am so tired of all these lifestyle adjustments!" Keep up the good work!
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Originally Posted by cat52 View Post
sounds like a territorial cat and hearing Ginger anywhere near "his" space set him off..." Keep up the good work!
Thanks for that Id been trying different foods i thought he growled at his food because he didn't like it, rather like my wife when i do the cooking

Picture Ginger 14 years old and never a problem but i do worry should she meet hissy
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It took me a moment to even spot Ginger - so cute!
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Cat's brains are much like our own in many ways, but especially in the linkup between emotion and memory.

If he's had a tough time, it will be difficult to let go of it. But they usually can.
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