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Can Cats Get Cold Sores??

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Jake has a round red spot on his lip that looks sore and really resembles a human cold sore. Can cats get these? It looks a little smaller today, but still looks sore.
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Is it a pimple? I know cats get acne.

But I dont know about cold sores.
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The only cat I have ever had that had cold sores, developed into mouth ulcers- she was a rescue and she came here with cat flu. I really don't know the answer to this question, for her the sores were ugly and weepy and doesn't sound at all like the same thing you are looking at.
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Almost every species of animal on earth has it's own Herpes virus. It's an ancient virus that was living with us when we were still in the swamps. Which explains why it is found among almost all species of animal.

Anyway, in humans the Herpes virus causes cold sores...(which are ulcers) on the lips, but they can be elsewhere too... I've seen them on my friend and they've been across her face. In felines, the Herpes virus generally cause ulceration in the eyes. I've never heard of them getting cold sores from herpes on the lips....but I'm not saying it's impossible. I just don't know. There's some links to Feline Herpes sites here...My cat was recently treated for ulcerated eyes, and the vet diagnosed Herpes.

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Cats can get something called rodent ulcers that may look like cold sores. I am not sure what the treatment is but I think maybe steroids. I don't think they hurt but they look awful. Becky
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