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Lysol (and a lot of other cleaning products) contains phenols which are toxic to cats.
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What a wonderful thread!!!

I've learned that no matter how frustrating it may be to hold my temper when reading something "controversial", there is a real, live person on the other side of my computer screen and that I should treat them with the same courtesies and respect that I demand.

I've learned that the TCS members are among the finest people I know.

I've learned that at the end of the day, I can count on people that I wouldn't know by sight even if I tripped over them in the street a lot more so than the supposed "friends" I have IRL.

And most importantly, I have learned that the love we all share for our cats brings us closer to each other in so many, mysterious ways - and not to question why that happens. It just does and I am so very thankful for it.
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Originally Posted by Satai View Post
I don't think it's so much a matter of trust, as I believe the organisation is pretty out and proud about their policies. However, they are quite extremist (advocating, for example, a vegatarian diet for cats), and they do not have a no-kill policy for all that.

I don't donate to them, personally, and I would advocate you checking to make up your own mind about their policies - they are large, and well known, and (in my personal opinion) not entirely reprehensible. It is likely that you won't like what you find, and also that their is a local group who could make better use of your donations.

Do NOT trust PETA. This is what they really do with dogs and cats:


Please be warned. Do not trust them, give them money, or help them.
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I've found people I can turn to in happiness or in sorrow.

I got my kitty from another TCS member, and have a new friend that comes to my orchestra concerts.

I've learned that paying it forward is a great feeling. Yay TCS!!!
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