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Bullies other cat

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Tocho is a two year old male, and since we got him about a year old he has contantly picked on our other cat, Meursault. I notice it's always him who starts it, but he never tries to hurt her. He just chases her until she turns around and hisses and scream at him. Then he just lets her go. I don't think it's any hormonal thing, since they've both been altered. I'm not sure whether he's just trying to play with her or wants to assert his dominance.
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sounds like hes jsut trying to play. seems the other cat lets him know when there done with him,lol
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Meursault is not playing with Tocho. She is able to tell him to leave her alone, but she does not have the same ability to exert her energy on him enough so that he does it always, forever.

Tocho is trying desperately to connect. Some cats (this sounds like Meursault) prefer their own company, or at least not Tocho's. Poor Tocho can't help but reach out, but the only cat he can do it to is a cat who hates his approach.

If this has gone on for a year, I worry that something must be done before they both get tired of constant defending and begin to misbehave.

How old is Meursault? Has she ever lived with cats before? Have you ever seen her like a cat?
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Tocho is not bullying but trying to be friends. Unfortunately Meursault does not feel the same. My Wawa is just like Tocho. I have 4 females and Wawa seems to be obsessed with QT who rejects him every time (she prefers another male - Ashley). I do not really interfere but I pity my Wawa who seems to be the loser in this love triangle.
My cats are all fixed.
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Even food. It's worth an attempt to make the two cats associate good things when they are together. Food works for almost any cat.

Do they like the same kinds of toys? Can you get them playing at the same time?

Right now, all these two cats have when they picture the other cat is annoyance. We need to replace that image with something more enjoyable.
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Thank you all.

Werebear: Meursault is about ten years old, and for a while she was very close to her sister before we gave her away. She was the only pet for a while until we got a small lap dog, who she gets along just fine with.
I'll definitely try your idea, as well.

I have considered getting Tocho a playmate, but I'm not really sure what to look for. Would a male or female cat be best? Would they just end up fighting?
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