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I am going to the Exotic Pet Store !!! Yay!

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I am going to the exotic pet store to look at all of the animals! Yay! My boyfriend went this morning and he is taking me back there to look at the pair of Bengal kitties I know I am going to want to bring them home
Bye-I'll update ya'll when I get back on the cute kitties, monkeys, hedgehogs, etc...

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Hedgehogs are counted as exotic pets in the US??? In NZ they are wild animals, we see them all the time in gardens. If you are kind enough, you can leave bread covered in honey and milk - hedgehogs go crazy over those. Wow, having them as pets, thats unusual in NZ LOL.
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They have the cutest softest bellies and the cutest little faces. My friend had one, I only saw it once, but I thought it was the cutest little thing I had ever seen. We only see them here in stores too.
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What a cutie! Give him scritches and kisses for me!!!
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Coco Maui, your little kitten is so sweet!
I cant even wait till my kittens will be born... Only 4 weeks lost... But after I looked at your kitty I realized that it is too long...

And about hedgehogs (at about 5 or 9 "breed") in Russia - we don't have them as pets. And they sleep all winter in the forests or gardens or somewhere else (they make round "houses" from leaves). But if you took an animal out of his little house and brought him at home he wount go to sleep, and sometimes the animal can begin to ill. But usually they "work" and live at nights, and sleep all day long, and this is why its better for both, animal and human, not to have hedgehogs as pets...
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What a cute little kitty! You'll have lots of fun with her.
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How adorable !!!!!! How dare you show a pic of her and then live all the way in Florida!!!

You mean person! is really cold up here I think I need a vacation...yeah..that's it...a vacation...

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Hi, just wanted to say your kitten is just gorgeous! I wish I could give her a hug!
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Your new kitten is waaaay too precious!!!!!
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Hey Ginger,

I deleted your pictures as they were not using the IMG tags. We need to ALL use the IMG tags, please? I know you were excited and probably forgot, so please repost them the other way. I tried to send you a PM but it said your box was full.

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Oh sorry about that. I will try to upload them the other way. I have never uploaded them using the IMG tags. I thought I was doing it the right way before. Sorry

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Kellye, Hedgehogs are considered exotic pets here where I live...I have a male pygmy hedgie....almost 3 years old named Spike...he is a Cinnacot....a beautiful orange/red spike color. I used to have a female hedgie named Penelope who was a brown/white combo, but she died.
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Ok I am going to try to link to my new baby pics...
She is still nameless. We are thinking of naming her Sasha, Nala, Mira, or Lyra. Hmmm not sure just yet though.

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And another...

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Oh what a beautiful kitten!!!!!!!!!!
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she is a cute kitten, but what about all the kittens that are in the shelters the get euthanized every year?

i am not very cat savvy, but are there such things as kitten mills? puppy mills are horrible places where dogs are kept in awful, inhumane conditions. those puppy mills provide pet stores with their animals. by purchasing a puppy from a pet store you only further fuel the puppymiller's into breeding more puppies.

coco - this is not a direct attack on you, but rather a concern i have.

vasha :daisy:
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I have to agree with Vasha on this one. Pet stores make me nervous because the animals are not treated so well and the backgroud of the animal is unknown. Which I guess could be the same argument for shelter animals as well. However the research I have done has shown that most pet store animals are from mills. Would this not be the same for cats as well? Again this is not an attack of any sort, I am just trying to learn.
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I understand the need to adopt shelter cats and I strongly recommend getting a pet from a shelter to have as a household pet.
However, we wanted a purebred Bengal cat with papers that we could enter in cat shows. I am really interested in showing her, it sounds like a really fun thing to do
The pet store is very reputable and specializes in all types of exotic animals. They had books on her and her "parents". And another couple that adopted her brother had actually met her breeder the week before. The breeder brought 6 kittens in and their parents to show the store owner. They also gave us her first vet visit and shots for free.
I understand the concern for shelter animals and I support a local shelter in our area by donating items and I hope to volunteer there in the near future.

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She is a cute kitten! Congrats. We have 3 bengals, and you will enjoy her so much!

Regarding the pet store thing though, if this were a reputable breeder, they would not be selling their kittens to a pet store. Not many breeders that I know of just by belonging to a few bengal-breeder lists, would not appreciate the fact that someone is doing that.
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Really? I thought a pet store was a good place to buy Bengals??? Why is it a bad place to buy them?

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Awe...very, very cute!
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Its just that if the person was a reputable breeder they would not sell them in pet stores. If you look at many of the puppies in the pet stores, they have pot bellies, which usually represents that worm infestation. They are not taken very well care of.
I bought Tigger from a breeder that was recommend to me by another breeder. Gizmo & Scooter came from a different breeder found in the classified ads. From what I understand from what I have read on Yahoo groups (the group w breeders and owners) is that someone who sells purebred cats, whether it be a bengal, persian, etc, is that they are purely in it for the money, which is what a backyard breeder does.

How is the little girl doing? My bengals LOVE running water!
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