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Cointreau and Dewey - Help?!

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Usually I don't ask for help or suggestions but I'm going to today.

Cointreau my feral colony Siamese/Oriental Red Colorpoint (means he looks like a Siamese but has red points, LOL!) was turned down by Siamese Rescue as they are VERY tight on foster space.

They weren't totally saying no, just they have no space now, and he is "On Hold".

So I'm working hard on him, to get him up to snuff... maybe next time
they will take him?

Meantime, he has bonded well with Dewey my irrepressible DM/L black and white MainCoon Persian mix kitten. Dewey looks just like a Panda bear in markings, BTW. He has HUGE ear furnishing, and HUGE Curly face framing whiskers!! White on black face with white mask. V. cute.

They are the same age roughly. Dewey has been with me since age 5 weeks and is fully vac'd and checks out healthy. He is neutered and ready to adopt.

I love Dewey dearly and want him to go to a GOOD home.

Preferably one where they appreciate his unique skills: bathroom tub and shower visits, splashing water out of his water bowl to "check" the water, LOL, drinking out of taps, mad cap dashes round the house, piteous mews when he can't go out side (is forbidden!)... in short - he has a SIAMESE attitude, in MainCoon/Persian style body, LOL.

I like to say Dewey is the Siamese in spirit/mind, Cointreau is the Siamese body with the orange tabby personality, LOL!!

Together they make a great combo. Dewey is good with kids, fearless and I think would make a great show cat for household pet category!! (I don't know many cats let you hold them and "stretch" them out like Dewey does, LOL). He purrs often and doesn't like to be alone or away from the "happenings" of the household.

His bravery rubs off on Cointreau, who's calmer personality helps
regulate Dewey's madcap energies.

If anyone knows ANYONE at all who loves the long hairs or loves the Siamese who might be interested in a "well matched" pair of 4 month old kittens
to adopt, please please let me know.

The reason I can't keep Dewey much longer is that Dewy stresses my big feral Grey Goose and my old female Sheba so much so, that Grey Goose is refusing to come home,/inside and Shebs is vomiting more from stress.

I MUST find them homes, I CANNOT keep them permanently. In addition to these babies I have my 22 feral cats to trap neuter and release and to build shelters for. I am overwhelmed.

So, please if you know of someone ... pass them to me!! I have pics of Cointreau (nick name Titi) and Dewey for the interested parties - and will be posting to a Flickr page soon.

Whomever adopts these babies will be getting a wonderful pair of kitten/cats that will give them tons of love and provide ALOT of entertainment (just watching them play is theraputic!!)

Thanks for any and all help and words of encouragement.
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good luck finding them homes ^__^. Dewey sounds so adorable let me know when you get those pictures uploaded.
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look in www.flickr.com, for laphrogieandgreygoose or for name: obpilot
and you will find the photos of Dewey, Cointreau and Laphrogie, also one of Grey Goose o the fluffy tail. (He also is part main coon)
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Hi obpilot, you've posted on my thread about the Cats of Colonia de las Rosas, but I don't think I've posted on yours!

It's hard for me to find homes for my cats. My daughter did list the three kittens abandoned this summer in the garden on craigslist.com. I know some people are nervous about listing there, because they think you can't screen the responders. Actually, you can screen them as well as the persons that respond to Petfinder.com. Since they are still kittens and very adorable, I checked the pictures LOL, you might get a good response. All three of our kittens were adopted in only two weeks. They were all about three months old.

I list on Petfinder.com through a group that lists as a shelter, but is actually a group of foster homes, organized by one woman. If you can find a group like that they might include you as a foster home -- actually you ARE a foster home.

I hope you find homes, soon we can't have your sweet Sheba or Grey Goose stressing out like that!
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