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Originally Posted by kittymonsters View Post
Please don't judge! I have spent the last two years helping Katrina victims try and locate their pets. Pets they didn't abandon, pets that are "lost in the system".

Before Katrina people in New Orleans were told, by ASPCA and emergency planners, to leave their pets behind because the emergency shelters did not allow animals.
I was just going to say, in Katrina people showed up with there animals and told they where not allowed to take them.. i have come accross many stories of people sneaking back into the city after to find there animals.

There was A Show that was about the animals in new orlenas, and it almost made me cry(and i dont cry easy) The story about the old man who just wanted his cat back,just about broke my heart.

From what I have been reading, they are changing the rules to allow people to take there animals.i have no dobuts that if something would happen i would never be able to get heyu in time if it was short notice.

over all i am going with what gingers mom said.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post

There was A Show that was about the animals in new orlenas, and it almost made me cry(and i dont cry easy) The story about the old man who just wanted his cat back,just about broke my heart.
That is Bill and Concat, on the Nature Documentary. I bawled all the way through that segment. Tanya is an internet friend that is the one who snuck Bill in to get Concat.

Having spoken to hundreds of survivors and reunited over 30 animals, their stories are things of our worse nightmares.
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Originally Posted by kittymonsters View Post
Many people died during Katrina because they would not leave their animals.
The Kokopelli fire burned 600 acres and 24 homes within the first 15 minutes. Firefighters tried to run ahead of this fire to open barns and homes to give the pets half a chance. Home owners were not allowed into the area, PERIOD. If you tried you were arrested.

Unless one is willing to leave during the entire fire season there is no way you can be any more ready in advance.

We all know there are some very horrible people in this world. People that should not ever have animals.

If these people were on television crying over losing their pets, odds are they didn't leave them behind to die on purpose..
Thanks for sharing your experience. It is the stuff of pet lovers nightmare's...we have plans too for worst case situations. You can never be too prepared when it really matters.
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With it being all over the national news, do you think they should have a law stating that inns and hotels where the evacuees go should accept their pets? I mean, it's a crisis, they should be able to bend the rules a bit.

I try not to judge people but whenever there's a hurricane or fire, people around the area where it might hit should be prepared for the worst instead of hoping that it'll miss them to the last second. You would think that in this day of age with all of our technology, the weather crews would be able to figure out where and when things are going to happen. Example, when and where a hurricane is going to hit and how hard, where fires are expected to spread and how long and what areas are at risk for flash floods. I know, I'm straying off topic but IMO, people should prepare for whatever things that come practically yearly in their area. We've been on this continent long enough to understand that high winds bring a high fire risk after a severe drought and that wherever it can rain, it can flood.
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Please do not judge these people and do not assume they had sufficiant warning. There are stories about many animals that were left behing. I have a customer at my store who I have gotton to know over the last couple of years. She lived in the area where the Harris fire started. She and all he neighbors raise purbread race horses. Most of them race at Del Mar. I saw her yesterday, she came in for some water and other things. I asked he how things were going and if everyone got out okay, even the horses. She said she was able to save all but 3. The worst part was when she told me about her neighbor. They have over 40 horses and by the time they were told a fire was in the area it was already cresting the hill, they had less than 5 minutes to get out. They had no choise but to leave the horses, all were lost, the animals their home their buisness everything in minutes.

The point of this is sometimes in life choises have to be made. My DH and I talked long and hard about it over the last few days and as hard as it would be if it came down to it and we had to leave Karma behind we would. She is our world but we would have to save ourselves and pray she was okay. Just today word has come over the news about people who did stay behind just to try and save their animals. Their remains were found because family called the authorities and said they still had not heard from them. Now the children of these people not only lost their family home where they grew up but also their parents. We have to remember, unlike things like tornados and hurricans there is no warning with fire. It can just be there with no warning. There is no weather patern to watch no predictions to be made no way to know what it will do. It moves fast and will destroy things with out a second thought. Houses were engulfed and burned to the ground in minutes. Now we are in what the city is calling the recovery point, bodies are starting to be found, the death toll is climbing. Just tonight some new evacuation orders were give because the fires are still going and will be for weeks.

Please do not assume that the people who left animals behind did so because they did not care. Sometimes there is only enough time to save yourself.
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One thing we need to remember too is that the authorities suspect arson as the cause for the majority of these fires. You cannot predict what those sickos will do.

One couple on tv that evacuated with their dog was supposed to stay with friends in their house. The so called friend refused to allow their dog in the house. That couple then refused to stay in the house and is living in a tent with their dog.

If I lived in that area, if there was any chance at all that we would be evacuated, I would keep any pets in their carrier, or confined to where they could be readily put in carriers.

I don't judge these people for leaving them behind since I don't know the circumstances.
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It's so terrible, what's happening in Southern Cal. I can't imagine what it would be like to have a kitty outdoors and find out you have 5 minutes to evacuate. My brother lives in San Diego, and ended up taking in 2 couples, who each had a cat. In both cases they had 5-10 minutes to evacuate, but both kitties were indoor-only pets.
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The only ones I don't understand were the couple they interviewed on the NBC news...They took 2-yr old baklava and left the cat.

I also live in tornado alley, when warnings sound and they give warnings to get in your basement--the cats are in their carriers. Last year we had a close call--Rotation on the road we live on! But my cats are easy to catch, and I know that. I probably would have been hysterical if I couldn't catch them.
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I feel so bad for the people that could not reach their pets, or for whatever reason could not retrieve them.
We live where we get huricanes, and the first thing I do is take down the carriers and put towels down in them. Some of them will crawl in and sleep, others have to be forced in, it varies who does what. Fortunately we get plenty of warning, and unless it is a really big hurricane, our house will hold up. If we HAVE to leave, cats first, lock boxes with meds and important papers, cash, guitars, clothes, my massage chair, and whatever else we can cram into the car and saddlebags. He would ride the motorcycle and I would drive the car. Of course he would have to take his tattooing equipment, because if we had nothing to come back to, he would need it to work, just as I could make money with my massage chair.
If at all possible, and things looked that bad, we would rent a u-haul pull trailer and cram it as full as we could as fast as we could.
We discussed this at length the first time we sat through a hurricane.
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Originally Posted by littleraven7726 View Post
The only ones I don't understand were the couple they interviewed on the NBC news...They took 2-yr old baklava and left the cat.(
Are you talking about the dessert? That's kind of weird.

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Originally Posted by Green Bunny View Post
Are you talking about the dessert? That's kind of weird.

I think so. That's what they said on the news. I thought it was very weird too.
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