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Question about fleas and Frontline

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I gave Jack his first application of Frontline over a month ago. I did not put the entire application on him since he was small and only about 8-9 weeks old (thanks in part to my mother's worry) so I did about half instead. He got his second (full) application about 2 weeks ago. He still has fleas! And he's passed them on to Asher (who has also gotten 2 applications of Frontline). I've only noticed them on Jack, I've not found fleas around the house anywhere. I don't know what to do to get rid of them! I thought the Frontline would do the job. I realize the first application probably didn't do any good since I didn't put the whole amount on at once, but shouldn't the second application have killed the fleas? What else can I do?
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You'll have to Frontline(the full application) for 3 months on every animal in the home to begin to break the cycle. You'll also need to kill fleas in the home...whether you see them or not they're in your home.
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fleas sure can be tenacious! do you have a flea comb? that's a good way to quickly get fleas off a cat. but it's the eggs you gotta worry about. after we had a bout of fleas, i cleaned up the cats and moved them out of the room they spent the most time in. then i basically sealed off the room and treated everything with flea spray, which is supposed to kill the eggs. this worked for me. frontline is good stuff but when you've really got 'em you have to take action on several fronts. it's war!
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I got a really good flea spray from my vet that is for the home. It lasts for 12 months too. When my kittens were born, there was a fairly big flea problem. I did Ziggy with frontline and did the house with the spray. It stops eggs from hatching and kills the fleas. Within days, the whole house was flea-free, and I didn't even have to treat the kittens (although the vet did give me something for them)
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Sometimes a bargain means its near or past the expiration date. Then they don't last as long, and you don't break the cycle.

Borax from the laundry section, sprinkled liberally on the carpet and left overnight, will both freshen the carpets and kill the eggs. It's harmless if the cats get it on their paws, or if you dust yourself into a corner. It's a dessicant which works to dry out the eggs so they won't hatch.

It also works on upholstery, just try not to get it wet at high concentrations.

Now vacuum and put the bags or empty the cup into a sealed garbage back to be taken out of the house. Frontline the cats at the appropriate time, and you should all set so long as the cats stay indoors.
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We used to use Frontline all the time, and never saw a flea pretty much with it... then suddenly one year we had fleas everywhere despite continued treatments. We finally decided to try Advantage the next month and there were dead fleas dropping off of the pets in less than a day.. this year some people at work had similar experiences.. I have to wonder if fleas can build up resistance to Frontline??
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I have had an awful time this year with fleas! Frontline.. Advantage.. Neither worked. The fleas just kept getting plumper and better fed. My vet recommended Revolution, and while it is expensive, it seems to be the only thing that has worked! No more all you can eat buffets via my babies!
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