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Cattery Theft

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I received this via a Yahoo group that I'm in and thought I'd better share it around...

Subject: Cattery thieft

Please cross post this any where you can.

I arrived home after judging in Denver this weekend to an
essentially empty house. All cats were missing except 2
kittens with eye problems that were obviously not saleable
and 2 timid females who hide when strangers are in the house.
In addition to my Aby grand, Karnak, they took a pregnant
female and 2 females with kittens as young as one week. Also
4 show quality kittens.

The thieves brought their own carriers and either had a copy
of my door key or picked the lock. There was no forceable entry.

Please keep your eyes and ears open for anything that doesn't
sound right in the way of an Aby offered for sale. If anybody
has specific information about the ring that was stealing
Bengals a few months ago in the Hemet area, I would appreciate
you contacting me so I can give that information to the
police. I will check e-mail periodically.

My phone is 949-363-8703.

Any help you can give will be greatly appreciated. This is
like a sword in my chest to think of my beautiful babies in
these hands!!!

Carolyn Osier
Wil-o-glen Abyssinians
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OMG! How horrible! I just can't even imagine how or why someone would do such a thing.
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If you look in the Breeders Corner, Hissy already posted the story. You can also see an update to the story there as well. They ended up dropping some of the cats off in a dog park!

Nice, eh? It shows you should always watch your back.

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Some years ago, our local paper did a story on the vicious things people will do to knock out competition, at cat shows. In one instance, someone squirted indelible ink on someone's champion, to keep it out of the competition. Why would someone, who supposedly loves and raises cats, do things like this?
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Originally posted by katl8e
Why would someone, who supposedly loves and raises cats, do things like this?
Thats a very good point Cindy. I think its more about getting recognition if their cats win, not about their love of cats. Its sick.
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I heard something today, I had to go to see to believe! A friend of mine who has a cattery found one of the pictures of her kittens on a rescue shelter's website! The kitten in the photo is on her website and in her cattery! But the exact same picture shows on the rescue shelter's webpage and a plea to donate $100.00 towards this kitten to adopt it out to a "loving family!" What a scam! I won't say who it is or what shelter is involved, but it blew me away to see them try and do this!
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OMG! People are sick and cruel! it makes me really upset to think that people actually think they are in the right and doing themselves good by all this scamming. Are people so down in the hole that the only way to live is by scamming others? I think not, I think this is a disease that needs to be erradicated! I feel physically ill thinking I've probably met someone who thinks this is ok.

Hissy, what did your friend do when she saw this? I hope she was able to get it settled. Hey, she could probably get them in trouble witht he police eh? That's fraud of a cattery and outright and obvious scamming of innocent people. I hope something like that happens. They well deserve it!
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She has contacted a lawyer, put a huge page up about it on her website and called the sheriff. She has also sent the information around to the different newsgroup that are cat related telling them about this sick scam.
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OMG!!!!! That is terrible!!!! I sure hope they find these cats and the people who took them are punished!!!
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