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Solid Chocolate Persian

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This is for the Persian breeders (or anyone who might know)....if any one has, or knows of a reputable breeder that has a solid chocolate male Persian w/breeding rights available or an upcoming litter that might have a chocolate male, Please let me know. We are looking for a new male to add to our cattery. We are in no hurry, we are remodeling the cattery right now. But are ready when the "right" one shows up.

Thank You!

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That's a tough one. There are few persians breeders who specialize in chocolate and lilac solid color persians. Have you searched on the net for specific breeders?

I can do a quick search for you later (tonite) but they would just be the websites - I have no recommendations - you'd have to do the detail stuff and check them out.

In fact, I don't even think I've seen a chocolate or lilac persians in shows (ACFA or CFA).
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