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Fireworks!! :(

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How well do your kitties react to fireworks?
Tab used to be scared of them, but Mitzi seems nervous but at the same time interested!? (and as I write this plenty are going off and November 5th is quite a way away!)

So do your sweet little babies hate them or couldn't care less?

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My 2 are both absolutely fascinated - whenever they hear a bang they jump up to the windowsill and look up at the sky! We had some going off just outside last night and they were both sat with their faces pressed to the window watching. I don't think either of them are scared of anything really, and Sonic was born on 1st November so was accustomed to it right from birth.
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Some of mine are scared...and other love them!!!
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None of mine have ever heard fireworks. One of my dogs is so scared of loud noises (fireworks, thunder, gunshots, etc.), so whenever we know there are going to be fireworks, we turn the tv/radio on to drown out the loud noises. Plus, we're in a basement so it's not as loud down here.
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