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Unusual behavior

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We have 2 Birmans-a seal coat and blue coat. They are 4 years old this past April(not from same litter) and we have had them 4 years in August. They are great cats but one of them seemingly out of the blue has begun having an occasional bowel movement on the carpet in the corner of our clubroom. This has happened 4 times over the past month.
I use Swheat Scoop litter and clean the 2 side by side boxes out daily. Nothing has changed in our or their daily routines. We are retired and have been since we got them so our daily routine varies we play a lot of golf but we are with them a lot during the day, too, as well as every evening.
We are not positive who the culprit is but have an idea based on circumstantial evidence.<G> Any comments or advice would be appreciated.
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Anytime you see a sudden change in litter box behavior it's a smart idea to visit your vet to rule out medical problems.
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I'd have the vet check them out to be sure everything is ok. Then if they pass that, you probably should lock them in a room with the litter pan a few days to be sure they continue to use it.

If you only have one pan, maybe a 2nd litter pan would be a good idea. Some cats like to pee in one and poop in the other
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Thank you both for your response. I am going to take them to the vet. I do have 2 litter boxes and this is the first time there has ever been a problem. I empty both litter boxes religiously every day. I have not noticed any other behaviorial changes.
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