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growling at every other cat every single time

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anybody got a cat who never adjusts to other cats?

we are fostering a youngish spayed female (Gladys), probably still less than a year old. she obsessively growls at all the other cats in the house, including her own kittens! i know mom cats often actively push away their kittens when they're old enough, but she's still doing it even though they have no interest in her. she just has to see a cat, no matter how far away or what it's doing (playing, sleeping) and she growls like it's right up in her face.

i would think if a cat didn't like the company it would leave the room. instead she keeps hanging out in the areas most heavily populated with cats. the other cats don't seem to care, but it's so annoying to us humans.

she never transfers this displeasure to us, in fact she can be growling at a cat and a split second later is purring and rubbing up against us. i am trying to adopt her out as an only child, but i don't know what to do with her while she is still with us. is it possible she is sick or something? otherwise she seems fine, she just hates every other cat in the world

i should point out that we have a two-story house, plus a cellar, so it's not like i'm forcing all the cats into a closet and wondering why one is growling
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How long have you had her? Is she the latest arrival? If so, she may still be stressed out about her new surroundings.
Cats who do not like the company of other cats do not necessarily leave the room. They will growl if they wish to be left alone.
I would also bring her to a vet for a check up just to make sure.
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Mellie has been hissing and growling at Twinkie for the last year and a half and surprisingly lately I've noticed she's not hardly doing it any more. In fact, on a couple occasions I've caught them napping on the bed in close proximity. So it may take a long time, but don't give up.
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thanks folks! Gladys was a street cat and has been coming by for months. she only become an indoor cat after her kittens were grown enough to be on their own, we took her in and had her spayed and are now trying to get her adopted out. she's really odd with the growling. like this morning, she hardly growled at anybody, but other times she seems to growl constantly! i'm marketing her for a single-cat household, but i wish she would get with the program since that would open a wider range of adoption options.

i think life on the streets made her very suspicious of other cats, she might think they're here to steal her food and fight with her. and that's only partially true
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