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blood in stool - which cat?!

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I noticed a small soft stool outside the litter box that had a little red blood/mucus in it.

My guess is it's Samson. He's 6 months old and has had some digestive issues - occasional soft stools, bad gas and he had some diarrhea while still at the breeder's 2 months ago.

2 days ago I switched him to adult food and I think it was too abrupt and he got soft stools. So I switched him back to kitten food.

Maybe the abrupt switching caused the blood?

Both cats butts are clean and they're acting totally normal, so I don't know what to do.

I'm not sure if I should monitor it at home or bring the cat in. (But I'm not even totally sure it's Samson!)

I saved the stool sample just in case...
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If you have more than one cat, you should monitor that litterbox. It's best to narrow down the right cat that needs to go to the vet rather than stressing out the wrong one.

A few years ago one of our cats had some bloody stools. I really thought it was Beauty, but it turned out to be Luna who was acting like nothing happened. We had to switch brands and type of food because she has a sensitive stomach.
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I'm glad I waited because now I think it's Miko!
I saw her vomit tonight and then looked in the litterbox and there was an uncovered bloody stool.
I looked at her butt and there was a trace of blood on the fur, so I'm 99% sure it's her now.
Poor baby!

We did just change her food, (she was eating the kitten's food and gaining weight, so I started feeding her the diet kibble again) but this seems like an extreme reaction and she's normally fine with food changes.

I'll call the vet tomorrow...
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