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Saturday DT

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Well, we had to go unfreeze some pipes this morning . And there's another cold front coming through! We're feeding the outside cats as much as they'll eat, but Julius isn't as "fat" as he was. They must be burning HUGE calories trying to stay warm. We've provided good shelter (wrapped in heat tape with heat tape coiled inside), but we still worry so much.

Got a call from the boarding facility (we took Magic, the smallest to one because we were worried about the cold). He's got a urinary tract infection or something, so we made the long drive to pick him up and the long drive back to the Vet, where he'll stay for a day or two.

Now, the sun is hiding behind clouds... just one day above freezing would help so much!
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Gosh, Laurie, I wish I could send some of our unseasonable temps your way. Every time I see the chilling temps up in your area I think about you and your outside crew. I hope Magic is OK, please keep us updated on him. He's such a cutie. Is it working out at the Boarding Facility to get him more socialized and such?

I'm so happy!! Earl finally got my computer back up and running at home, so I can actually be here on the weekends too! I think he was tired of me asking if I could check in here all the time. Well, whatever works. The only problem is that my weekends are now shot cuz I'll be on here the whole time!
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Hello all,
A quiet day for me, I think I need coffee LOL. I have been watching Peedoodle and Kahu together and they are getting along great now, they will bob each other on the head with their heads (hope that makes sense!)
Jake has gone off to the baseball card store to check how much one of his cards is worth, he thinks its worth $1600.
He plans on selling it as it is Shaq and he doesnt like him and we need the money to pay some debt and to get rid of any long standing bills before we get to NZ, so we can leave with a clean slate.
There is one bill that we keep getting, its a real pain in the bum because we have proof that it has been paid for - it was for Jakes old college before he left, the computer system crashed and they lose all track of who paid and who didnt. However, Jake does have the printout that its paid for, and the college apologised for the inconvenience, and then recently they sent a letter that the bill wasnt paid and so we wrote a letter saying that it was paid for and they left us alone with that, but then again we got ANOTHER letter, this time from creditors saying that it hasnt been paid, but we have the statement/receipt. My father in law said to ignore it, because its their problem, but I feel that we should remind the school, and he thinks that they cannot do anything about it because it was over 7 years ago and its past the statute of limitations. Does anyone know how to tell the people to stop sending us the bill when it has been paid for?

I think I will go and have that coffee, I have a headache and I have run out of advil!

Have a great day all!
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We took Pearl for her last puppy shots, this morning. Now, I can get her spayed. She was so good - didn't even flinch.

Went grocery shopping and got some good bargains - we eat well, this week!

Too bad about all of that cold weather. I've been in shorts, since we got home.

Have a good weekend.
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Kellye, if it has gone to collections, they will start to really hound you with phone calls and letters. Contact the school and see if you can straighten it out, and if the collection agency persists tell the situation and that you will send them a copy of your proof that it was paid. After 7 years they can't put it on your credit report, but they can continue collection efforts forever.
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Aw, Cindy - I'm so jealous!

Kellye - I know it's a hassle on you guys, but I think the best thing to do is to make a photocopy of that receipt and send it AGAIN to the people asking for payment. I don't know how to stop those bills - I just know it can be even more of a hassle if you don't respond at all.

Heidi - YAY!!!!!!!!!
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Laurie...I wish I could send some nice weather your way but....it's not down my way either. It is freezing here! Unlike you though, I don't have to worry about ferals. I hope they are all okay. Especially Magic.

Cindy...I do so envy your nice weather. Lucky you!!!!!!

Kellye! I hope you guys can sell that card for that amount. That would be AWESOME!!!!! About the bill, I agree with the others. Keep sending the proof. If you can even fax it and get the fax confirmation as proof, then you can also send that the next time and explain that you have faxed it already. Or....send it registered, that way they have to acknowledge the receipt of the letter. And make sure you include a letter stating your frustration at the administration of that bill. If it's paid, it's paid. How much more proof do they need? Send a copy to the collection agency to get them off your back and have them handle the problem. I know the registered letter costs more but it may be worth it.

Yay! Heidi....week and weekend news!!!!!!! Woohoo!!!! It's great news because the weekends do tend to quiet down here but, NOT ANYMORE!!!!!
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You all have given me good ideas about the bill, we will make copies of the receipt and send it to the school and the credit agency. That reminds me, the school sent one of those credit agency letters to us, and so we wrote back and gave them proof and so the school got another credit agency on our back. We will write up a letter and make copies of the receipt and get my father in law to sign an affidavit because hes the one who paid for it, to make the case stronger. And sending it via registered mail is a VERY good idea, that way they cannot ignore it!
Thanks everyone!
Heidi - Im glad that you can make it on the weekends!!!!
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When your dealing with matters of money, always send your proof of payment by registered mail.

The only other thing I can add is get the names of the people who you have dealt with and the time and date of the conversation/meeting.

This will also give more weight to your claim.

Good Luck!

I just finished watching Simone with Al Pacino. I actually quite enjoyed it and liked the fact that the whole family could watch it! That was a nice change from all the blood, profanity, and gore in most films!

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bleh. it's cold, gray, and rainy outside. I woke up with a sore throat, I ache, I feel feverish, and have a headache. Not a good day. I did, however, get 1/2 my dress made, with my mother's help. Yet another project started, that will probably never get finished. Ah, well, going to make soup for dinner and knit until bedtime. I'm almost finished with my first scarf!
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Marcy, you poor thing...I hope you feel better soon!
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