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HELP introducing cats

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Well, we all know the term "cat fight." hehehe Well, I'm afraid of having one. I decided to get my little baby, Twitch a friend to play with. Twitch is about 7 or 8 months old, a rescued stray. (She's precious.) I got her a 12 week old little darling that we have named Daphne. Now, Twitch seems to not be very fond of the little darling. She hisses and growls, and its been getting progressivly worse. What is the best way to introduce these felines?
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They need to be seperated at first. I would put the kitten in a closed room with her things. I would keep her in there for at least a week. Let them sniff under the door. Pet her and then pet the other right afterwards. You can also take the lil one out for a bit and let the older one sniff her room. This really does make for a much easier transition.
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What worked in my household was giving the kitten her own room, complete with litter box, food bowls, toys and bed. I replaced a solid door with a screen door for 8 days.(a baby gate would also work)I think the experts say anywhere between 7-10 days. That way the kitten was able to look out and "see" all my other kitties and my kitties could see the kitten. There was hissing at first and then they started to play with their paws under the doorway. I also had the kitten sleep on one of my flannel shirts and after a couple of days took it out of the room and had all my other kitties "check it out".
Once everyone was comfortable, for a couple of hours I put my kitties in the kitten's room and took the kitten out to explore the rest of the house. My kitties had a great time sniffing and one even used the kitten's litter box! A calling card of sorts. haha
After 8 days, everyone quieted down and my blue point appointed himself primary babysitter and didn't mind the kitten chasing his tail, pulling on his ears and all those wonderful kitten antics that we adore. Over the next couple of weeks the other 3 began to join in the fun. It was great to see them all playing.

I hope this has been of some help. Good luck with your new kitty!

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