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Shy Cat

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I adopted Matilda 3 weeks ago She is my only pet and I adopted her from a local no-kill shelter that rescues cats from our county's animal control shelter. I am guessing she had a previous owner because she is declawed in the front. The shelter said her birthday was 04/01/07 but the vet I took her to thinks she is between 1-2 years old (based on her size and teeth). I have no idea what her previous owner/household was like and I don't know how she was treated or even how long she was in the shelter. It's just me, my SO, and the cat so there aren't any pets or kids to bother her here. We are in a small apartment. She is eating fine and drinking lots of water.

Anyway, my question is how long after bringing your cat home did it take for them to adjust? She spent the first day under the bed (to be expected). The first couple days after that she mut have been really overwhelmed because she was really docile and would sit by us on the couch without any provocation. She sleeps all day, more than most cats I think. She has not been interested in any toys (except for looking out the window and messing with the blinds, but even then not that much). Her routine basically consists of eating, the litter box, and then right back to sleep. She hates being picked up and will purr when you pet her but even then her tail is wagging which I think means that she's not comfortable.

So...how did your pet change as she got older and/or got used to you and more comfortable? I love her just the way she is of course, but I am hoping I can get her to be a little more interactive some day.
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It's going well so far, she's already near you and getting a lay of the land, took mine months to even do that... over time he became more cozy and now he's a hyperactive cuddlebug and basically follows me around... it just takes them time...

As for the tail wagging, if it's a slow wag Seamus is usually content where he is, when it starts really going, I move my hands because that's the sign that he will use my hand as a toy if he can or just smack it away to tell me enough is enough.
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