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New Kitten Arrival

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A stray cat has adopted our family and she had a litter somewhere in a nearby field. She started to hang out at our house full time when she stopped nursing. Then I started to notice her belly getting bigger and bigger. She went back to her old nesting area somewhere in the field and she had her kittens just the other day. I knew when she had her kittens because she came back to our house skinny and still dirty from the birth. She showed up today with a kitten in her mouth. The kitten appears to be fine and healthy and we set up a safer place for them both, but do I need to do anything for them besides feed mom? I have never owned a cat before so this is all new to me.
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Be sure she has lot of fresh water, good food and some privacy. She needs a quiet place a least for 2 weeks until the kitten start to walk and explore.

One question though, she just brought one kitten?
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How is the kitten and momma kitty doing???
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She ended up leaving in the middle of the night and when we woke in the morning there were 2 kittens in her area we set up for her. She and the kittens seem to be doing fine. One of the kittens seems to have a bit of a cold. Sounds a bit stuffy and congested. I hope it is ok. Kittens are getting around very well, and getting bigger each day. They are still a little weak but they are using all 4 legs. When do their eyes open up?
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Please give her fresh water and take her from male cat, unless male cat kill them.
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Is there any way you can bring them in your house (unless they are already) The weathers getting colder and wetter and it is very dangerous for them to be outside, they need a nice warm radiator to be close to.

Just feed mum cat for now. In couple of weeks, you will notice the kittens eating it aswell. They they should also start using a litter tray (if you have one)

Are you going to keep any? I say keep them all!!!!!

Oh, and do we get pictures?
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They should open their eyes around 8-10 days after being born. That's a way of knowing almost exactly when they were born.

How is the kitten that seems to have a cold? If he is feeding well, I wouldn't do anything. Keep an eye on him, if he gets too stuffed, he won't be able to feed, if that happens maybe you should take him to the vet, but be careful, sometimes handling the babies can mean rejection afterwards from their mother. So handle them only if really really needed.
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