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Isn't it cute when..

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They sit up straight all regal like, and their back and front paws are all next to eachother in a cute fluffy row? I love just rubbing my fingers up and down the cute toe row, it's like playing a piano! Chuckie can only take so much attention but i just love it when he's all cute! I swear sometimes he is still stuck in kittenhood even at 8.5 years old! Sorry, i just had to rant
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Sounds cute I don't know, Oci's dont' sit still
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Sounds cute as all get out...mine aren't ocicats, but the idea of mine sitting all in a row, let alone allowing me to "play" their paws, is mind-boggling
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It's soo cute when Tiger does that!! I like to mess with his paws too. I like to push slightly on the joints to make his claws extend. Now that I think of it, Tiger is a really tolerant cat!! I also like to rub the very tip of his ears between my fingers. It's so silky and velvety...
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Send Chuckie over to me!!
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That is really cute. When Tab used to do it she looked like a little Buddha!

Now when Mitzi does it I don't risk losing my fingers so I just watch instead of feel those toes!
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yeah they sure are really cute. I just love everything about them
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It is!!!! I love to play with my kits paws.
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Oci's DO sit still When they are sitting on the desk with eyes closed and falling asleep while sitting there
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Send Chuckie over to me!!
Only if i can swap for psycho gummy queen
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