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I just wanted to say this...

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That Hissy is a truly wonderful person and I want to thank her for being the person she is - she is so full of invaluable information, is there for those who are in need, and cares so much. You are an angel Hissy!

Thank you!

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Although, I gotta add - All the mods are incredible people, and I appreciate so much everything they do for all of us!!!!

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I agree. She's so knowledgable. I know when I needed advice on my ferals last summer, she was one of the first to my rescue...
And she's an awesome writer, too.
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I'm blushing you guys- I in no way expected this post.....If my smilies were working I would show an embarassed person on the screen.

But it is not me, it is all of you who show up here daily and invite me into your lives, and ask intelligent questions and the fact that you desire the answers and find it here, be it by me, or lotsocats, or heidi or whoever warms my heart!

This is a great community with new members joining daily and the mods who care for everyone here.

Our job is not an easy one, and there are times when we wish the responsibilities had been passed to someone else, and then there are the times that make everything we do all worthwhile.

We could not be who we are and do the work that we do here if we didn't interact with a GREAT bunch of people. And we couldn't even exist here at all were in not for Anne and her brilliant idea to form this colony of cat lovers......
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Again - HERE! HERE!
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Mary Anne, I have to agree with Kellye here. Your knowledge base on cats is truly amazing, and I'm thankful every day that you are willing to share that knowledge with us and with anyone who wants to help cats.
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Hissy is the best!!!
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Thanks, for being here, Hissy.
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God bless you Hissy!!!
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I'm not one to get all 'mushy' on writing posts so I'll just say this:

A Big DITTO on the posts above !!!!!!!!

Actually, many people here have helped me out with Nakita's troubles and helped me through the dark spots. Totally grateful!!!!

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I must say I completely agree!!!! Hissy is the BEST!!!!!!!!

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Mary Anne -

You are always on top of things around here. I have to agree with everyone about how much I appreciate your words and your amazing heart!
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