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Single Kitten Syndrome?

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Yo. I adopted a bottle fed kitten stray from work about three months ago. He's doing very well. Sometimes very loving and at others very erratic and aggressive. He treats everything as prey. I was warned at work about how interesting bottle fed cats are and how painful. Heh. My girlfriend is cut head to toe. He's being a bit better now (not using his claws as much), but he still bites pretty hard. I pinch him slightly and scruff him when he is bad. My girlfriend and I work very hard and during the day he is alone in our bedroom. When he come home, we've been feeling as though he is lonely and could use another cat for company and that they'll teach each other. She is a 3 month old female (spayed, shots, microchip) up for adoption. Pretty sweet. Would it be a good idea? Help them both? Thanks. Whaddaya think?
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My first cat was an orphan kitten and I had the same problem with him. When he was about 5 months old I got a 2 month old female kitten and it made a huge positive difference. He was much calmer when I got home from work and I think he was much happier. He was so happy to have the company he accepted her right away.
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I think it's a great idea and this should solve your problem. The problem with kittens that are hand raisen is that that lack all the education part of growing up with mom and siblings. Your kitten hasn't learned yet "cat social skills". He doesn't know that he shouldn't bite. Siblings bite and role play together and they soon learn that if they hurt, they will be hurt also. That's how they learn.

Adopting another kitten, your cat will learn his limits and will have a companion to play and spend his energy before you two get home. If you have the means to have 2 cats, I think you should go for it.
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Bottle fed and possible orphaned kittens with no mom/siblings have more social/emotional problems then other kittens. They don't have the skills that being with mom/siblings bring. It would be wise to adopt a 2nd kitten so this one learns "cat behavior". I'd get a neutered male a few months older then her.

Otherwise you will have a lot of social problems like you are seeing now.
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Blossom was found at 3 weeks, was very wild for the 1st 6-8 mths before settling down. Her only other animal contact is our 2 dogs.
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Yes, another cat should really help out! I have had similar situations with stray kittens (one just showed up, a starving & dehydrated 7 or 8 week old who followed my cats in thru the window and the other was rescued off the side of a highway) - it's alot easier for the older cats to teach the cat manners! Sounds like a great idea for both cats! Please keep us posted - and, BTW, we love to see pics
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I think its a really great idea to get another. I think animals always need another for company, and as your kitten is an orphan, another feline would be ideal for you. I think you should go for that female you have seen.

How old is your kitten?
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