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I saved up and bought my two kitties a Drinkwell fountain. I brought it home and set it up. I invited them in to see this wonderful thing I did for them, so they won't have to wait for me to turn the faucet on for them anymore. They sniffed it and wandered off. I just caught Sally drinking out of the toilet. Cats!
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Yeah, typical cats! LOL

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I'm sure they'll warm up to it eventually.
Socks is the same way. Buy her a toy or something and the most fun about it is the box. Or I could buy her the best cat food in the world and she would still rather live on "stolen" Cheerios... she's such a character.
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You might want to give it a few days. My cat did the same, but then came back to it after a day or two.

I use a supplement to my cats water, so I didn't want to filter this ingredient right back out. So I currently don't use mine. I would only use it if we go away and can't change her water daily.

I've given up on buying any toys for my cat. She finds the 'free' things much more entertaining. You know, the bottle caps, the toilet rolls, the string!!!

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Yep, I just found Zacky playing with the box. I am sure they will like it in a few days. I just thought they would love it right off because they like running water so much. Becky
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Cats are so much fun!!
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I would LOVE to get one of those for my cats but they are so expensive. And my cats don't like water, actually, they HATE the sound of running water, so it would probably be a waste of money for me.
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