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Tigger getting into mischief

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Tigger has been a little naughty this last week and he has been getting away with it too because of his near death experience last week.

Luckily I caught him with this before it was too late and he only managed to
rip up a couple of pieces.

This is his new best friend - the makeup brush - he has a thing with them
nd runs around the house with them. He likes to show off he thinks he caught them or soemthing - notice my mum wrote his name on it because he loves it so much

Can you guess which black cat was down below? Her name starts with a G
dont worry I grabbed him before he fell.

My little sister thought it would be funny to put her school uniform on him
he didnt seem to mind either, he thought he look quite smart

Playing with big sister Georgi

He seems to feel unsafe in our big garden so he hangs out in the bushes and garden thingamabobs where he isnt so "exposed"

As soon as we get home from shopping he has to check out everybag, he was making sure the apples were ok

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Great "action" pics! The first one reminds me of my Blue - she is obsessed with shredding paper towels. Thanks for sharing!
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Lol! He's keeping you all on your toes now! Noodles tries to steal my makeup and paint brushes too.
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He is such a cutie, but I can tell he his a hand full
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Looks like that little guy will keep you busy!
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Tigger sure is a busy guy!!! Glad to see he's made a full recovery
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So are you going to take him grocery shopping next time so that he can pick out all the produce on your list? He looks like quite an expert
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Great pictures, what a busy boy.
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Thanks for all your kind replys. He is a real busy body thats for sure but when he isnt running around he is such a lovey dovey boy!
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Caught red pawed. Mine love to tear up paper towels and toilet paper too.
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Look at that cute face!!!
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HeHe, They are brilliant!!!
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