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Jackson meets Ollie...Intergration period!

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Hi Everyone!

I thought I posted about this somewhere else. Iam unable to find it...thats if I actually ever did post it

Jackson is a VERY laid back cat. We have had kittens come into our house before for a visit. He has never hissed or tried to swat any other cat. He lets them in and out of his litter box and even eat his food and drink his water.

How does everyone feel about a "first meeting" We obviously want it to be a positive thing right from the begining.

My husband and I thought we would set up a litter box, food, water, and toys in our room (which is HUGE) for the kitten druing the day. We pcik Ollie up on a Monday so we can spend that day with him but then they're on there own for the work day. So we thought it would be best to seperate them.

Also, when they intially meet we have a carrier for both cats. We would bring Ollie into the house in the carrier and allow Jackson to sniff him out for 10minutea or so. And, if successul we would let the cat out.

please help! We're new to 2 cats.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

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This is what I did when Farley - 5 months and Ana - 11 weeks came home (together).

Let them out of the carrier in my room and fed them, they'd had a long day getting flown to me. After that, Demetri came in while they were loose in the room. They touched noses etc. no hissing so I let them 'hang out' for a while and I stayed in the room.

they stayed together overnight, then D went out with my sisters (7) cats during the day and new ones were in my room. At night they were all in together again.

They stayed in the room for pretty much 2-3 days with short times out, then out into the general population. My sister's a SAHM so she kept an eye out while I was at work.

My sisters older cats are exceptional at accepting newbies so I wasn't worried about letting little Ana out.
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