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Brand new cat momma and member!

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Hello everyone! I am brand new here to this board. Let me tell you a little about myself.

I have 3 dogs, and I live in a house with my fiancee. The house is on a road that dead ends, it has about 1/2 acres of woods between my house and the neighgbors up the road(who drive like maniacs down the road..they killed the momma groundhog that lived under my porch for years). There is a creek to one side of me, and a small lake in front and a church right next t the lake. To the right of me is another neighbor..and then a road that has many cars driving up and down every day.

Every night I see and hear foxes, and raccoons and deer, etc. In fact for the longest time I was feeding the foxes, and last winter a momma fox had dropped one of her little pups under my porch during a huge ice storm. Mom and pup have since moved on. Well, after the winter was over and Spring came I would see a black cat wandering around all the time. I would call to it, but it always ignored me. I would see it going in and out of the woods.

One day my boyfriend took one of our dogs out for a walk, and the cat was right there under my dogs nose! The cat just stayed right in its spot. A few days later my boyfriend and I came home from shopping and as he was unlocking the front door, I looked down and right there laying under three christmas like trees, was the black cat!

We both kneeled down and called to it and the cat came out and was rubbing on us, sitting by us..and loving teh attention. He was skinny, and hungry..he ate 3 or 4 little cans of cat food! I have 3 dogs only and no cats. I had a case of cat food laying around from the time I was watching my boyfriends, mothers' kitten.

So the cat stayed, and I fed it every day..I even made a little house for him, by turning a crate on its side, and I put inside 2 of my old sweaters...and the cat slept in there at night. I would go out and sit on my porch every night with him, and he would jump right in my lap and fall asleep. Obviously I grew VERY attached to him. We call it a him, because he has a small hairy lump back there or two little one I guess hes a boy?

Poor cat made it thru the hot summer out there, laying in the shade of bushes, and at night he would relax on my porch or wander around in the woods. I bought him a little collar with a jingly bell on it so I could hear him coming when I called him, and he always did!

My boyfriend and I wanted to bring him in, but we have 3 dogs..and the 2year old dog is obsessed with the cat! When we took the 2year old dog out at night,Kelsey she would just stare at the cat and not do her buisness. Funny thing is I would walk down the road and the cat would follow us, jumping out at Kelsey..making her all crazed. Its actually really annoying. Kelsey was all obsessed when I had brought home the youngest dog, I am assuming its the same thing with the cat.

Well about a week and a half ago it was really windy and cold at night..and I was in my kitchen , I heard the cat making a wierd noise. Obviously something was wrong, so I went outside. My boyfriend looked everywhere and called for him, but he would only meow from somewhere. Finally a thought came to mind! Oh NOOO, donttell me hes up the tree? Sure enough he was. My boyfriend went up and about 20mins later came back down with the cat. The very next day we brought the cat inside.

He adjusting slowly. He is in a seperate part of the house, with plenty of space..and theres a door with a pane of glass so he can look inside and the dogs look out at him. But if a dog goes near him forget, he flies away and hides. The blinds are messed up a bit, from where the cat has jumped up on the windows..he a little better at that now. He has his toys he loves, a little cathouse, his favorite pillow. He is great with the litter box, and he is eating good food. I feed him Orijen cat food (good quality stuff I buy from a little petfood organics store. He also gets a little bit of grizzly salmopn oil and Merrick canned cat food) I also go out there and play with him, and just sit with him every day and night.

So thats my story. I didnt plan on getting a cat, but now I have one My main concern now is having my 3 dogs and him all get along in the main house. He wants to come into the main house, but everytime he catches a glimpse of one of the dogs, off he goes. My 2nd concern is I have to take him to the vet, for shots etc..and to get him "fixed". I am worried it will be a crazy experience. He lets me pick him up just maybe it wont be that bad. I am thinking he is a stray and not a feral..but hes been outside for a good while.

I look forward to posting and reading your posts here!!

Sincerely, Chrissie
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Hi and welcome! Thanks for sharing your story. I hope everything works out with your dogs and the cat. Sounds dicey. I agree, the cat sounds like a stray, he definitely isn't feral. You may be surprised how well he does going to the Vet. The cats I have thought would be the worst ended up making a liar out of me.
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Hey thanks. When I let thecat inside the mainhouse, he will have a tall sturdy cat tree so that he feels safe, and he can go into a room, under the bed..I think it will be okay after a while. I hope so at least.

When he was outside he never had a problem with the oldest dog, becuase she would just ignore the cat. A few times they would pass in front of each other almost face to face, no problem. The cat is fine as long as the dogs dont run up to eventually I think it will be okay.
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Welcome to TCS!
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You are doing a kindness to that stray, thank you! And welcome to the forum. I've only once had a dog and cat at the same time, but other members here have huge mixed households & they will have their normal good advice for you!

Have you named your kitty yet?
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Hello Chrissie, Welcome to TCS!
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Welcome to TCS!!!

Look foward to seeing pics of all your fur-babies

Don't worry, in time I'm sure everyone will get along fine
And if you need help naming the new kitty, you'll get plenty of suggestions here
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Hello & welcome to the forum. Look forward to seeing pics of your crew. I've always had a mix of dogs & cats. Mostly they get on. The only cat that didn't get on with a new dog would go across the road to a neighbours when he wasn't inside. The cat I have now came to me at 3 weeks old, & my dogs were 13 & 6 yrs at the time. It didn't take long for the kitten to rule the dogs.
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Hello and welcome to TCS. Thanks for sharing your story with us. I love happy endings. Cats do have a way of adopting their people. Thanks for taking this little guy in.
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Hi Chrissie, welcome to TCS.
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Hi and welcome to TCS! We are so glad you have joined us!

If I can help you with any questions you have about the site, please click on my username and send me a message.
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I had a VERY similar experience. There was a pretty little black cat living underneath a trailer where I worked. I slowly befriended her by feeding her and eventually led up to touching, petting, and picking her up. THEN she got pregnant. (not very smart of me, I know) So I kept feeding her and gaining her trust, then I took her to the vet. He did tests and we discovered she was perfectly healthy, and was close to term. I asked the vet if I should take her back to the trailer or home. He said home, if possible, and I already had a dog and 2 cats.

She SO totally adopted our home it was unbelievable, LOL. 3 weeks later she had 8 kittens, (so we had 11 cats for a while).

Anyway, 2 1/2 years later, she is a sweet, sweet kitty, and sometimes runs from the dogs, but sometimes lets them know she has claws, LOL. She totally loves being a housecat.

so...welcome...sorry I went on and on...
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Hola y bienvenido a TCS, ...Catulina y Milky te saludan!!........
(Translate: Hi and Welcome to TCS, Catulina and Milky say hello to you!!!...)

See you on the forums!
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Many Welcomes from the Cat Site!

Good Luck with everything you are doing with the strays!
Always happy to hear from people doing their part to help strays!!

Best Wishes! Enjoy the forums
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