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Columbus Ohio Area Need Help Please

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HI !!

my cousin from the columbus ohio area is helping a client who will be in
the hospital rehabing and she will be preparing his house to be sold.

the extra part that has nothing to do with her job that she is trying to
help with is that he told her that he has been feeding 17 unfixed cats
on his property. he also has some shelter on his porch for them.

once this house is sold these cats will be out of food and out of shelter.

my cousin asked me if there are any cat groups that she can contact on
his behalf that would maybe help come assess which cats are friendly
enough to be adopted out and take them to be adopted and which cats
are not friendly enough and would they come TNR them. the only hope those
TNR'd cats will have is if the new owners of the house are cat friendly ?
or if they can find shelter and food close by from another neighbor ?

ANYWAY... i told my cousin i would post to see if anyone knows of any
reputiable cat rescue groups she could contact that might come help ?

i emailed her right away a link to the petfinder groups listed in the columbus
area and told her she could contact some of them.

but i know that sometimes if a personal connection can be made that it
might help get her help.

my assumption is that they are not going to keep the house on sale
for long. they are going to clean it up and sell it right away.

thank you in advance !!
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You can also contact the local animal control or local humane society. They would know if there is a TNR rescue in that area.
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I can tell you this someone would need to call and send e-mails to rescues and don't just e-mail one get all of them. Explain what is going on, so many rescues are full especially for cats. But sometimes you can catch an opening but it does take a lot of effort.

Good luck!!
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thank you for your suggestions. i have emailed them to her.

also if anyone lives near columbus ohio or knows of anyone that lives near
there that maybe could help or knows of anyone that can help if you could
contact them on my behalf that would be greatly appreciated.

i'm sure that my cousin would like to do the right thing but i honestly don't
know how much time or effort she is going to be able to put into this project
if she is left to do this all on her own. so i am hoping for the cats sake that
i am able to help find her someone to help her and the cats.

thank you again.
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hi.... thought i would post in case there are any columbus or near
people around.

my poor cousin the last time i spoke to her she said she had called a ton
of cat rescue groups and she thought that they would be knocking down
her door to help.

she said she had no clue how hard it would be to get help and that they
were getting worried cause it was getting cold out now. that was awhile

i knew she would be shocked but i was also hoping i could find her some
help which i was unable to do also. i had joined and posted on a few
cat rescue, shelter and other ohio yahoo groups but nothing.
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That is so sad that people just don't want to help - oh, but let them read about a "cat collector" and they're screaming for justice and vengance
Perhaps your cousin can call a church - I'd start with the United Methodists. Their policy is to be nonjudgmental and also to take good care of God's animals since they adhere to the standard that God gave humans the stewardship, not the domination, of Earth. Another point is that in helping the cats, people are helping your cousin - God put that man and those cats in her life because she is, in His opinion, capable of handling the job!!
Once, I had to stay awake for over 50 hours (whew, it was torture) because of a sequence of calamities, and not until about 44 hours into the ordeal did I come across a very starving kitty in the WalMart parking lot (a big Sierra snowstorm was rolling in). The cat was wild, but I was able to set out food and notify the spca. suddenly it all made sense - if not for the series of events happening the way they did, I would not have been 200 miles from home, in that parking lot at that exact time, so that the kitty would be fed.......hey, which one of you TCSers was praying for help to go out to that cat
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WOW catsknowme that is an excellent idea !!!

i do believe my cousin belongs to one of those non denominational churches.

she could post a sign in there. i just hope its not too late. the house
could have been sold already at this point.

i will email her asap. thanks for the suggestion !!!!
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I just saw this post I usually don't visit this forum. There is a TNR group in Columbus called Colony Cats. They also have a network of foster homes for the ones that are adoptable. Their number is 570-0471.
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thank you so so much denice !!

I just recently contacted my cousin and much to my surprise, her client
is still in the house, so its not too late to help these cats.

I will email her your info asap. hopefully its not a group she has already
contacted. she said she contacted alot groups.

thank you again !!
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There's a cats-only no-kill rescue off of Morse Rd called the Cat Welfare Association and there's Pets Without Parents, as well. Both are no-kill; please make sure you only deal with no-kill shelters.

And as this is what, third-hand (your cousin's client), and probably out of your control and something you already know, but for posterity: when you start feeding a colony, you are responsible for them, and they should already be TNR'd. This is doubly important in Columbus, where animal control has a penchant for population control instead of TNR.
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thanks for the info Zissou'sMom.

do these no kill shelters help with TNR ?

I think this client needs help mostly with TNRing these cats since I don't
think any of them were done.

And then of course IF any of them seem adoptable at that point it would
be great if the rescue helping with the TNR could adopt whoever, if any,
are adoptable.

And yes, I do know that about taking care of a colony. I am assuming that
the client/person did not know that and/or did not have the money to TNR
and thought that just feeding and housing them would have to do.

Even I did not know all that way back in 2002 when I first started taking
care of our small colony here. The only reason my crew got TNR'd and
some of them adopted is that my mamakitty immediately brought us her
second litter and I freaked when I saw she was multiplying. I was able
to take care of it because of plastic, but if it had not been for credit I
honestly have no clue what would have happened.

I'm just really glad that my cousin is feeling bad for these cats who she
knows will soon be without food and without shelter. She also knows that
it would be best if they were fixed. I am so proud of her that she has
chosen to try to help him instead of having the attitude that its not
her job and not her problem.

Unfortunately, she has been trying since October and so far has failed
to get any groups involved.

In the end, these cats very well may end up, hungry and homeless and

very very sad. So I am praying for a miracle.
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