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Senior food vs. Adult food.

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How important is it that I feed Root Senior food? He is 9 years old, and is very healthy, so is it important to put him on senior food? If he does have to, do you have any suggestions on how to feed him separately? We feed them all dry food (pro plan) twice daily in the amount that they say on the back of the food. So, how do I get him to not eat their food?

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Perhaps you can look into changing brands. Purina Pro-Plan isn't the best cat food. No offense, if you want to feed it go ahead. But your life might be easier if you switch to a company that doesn't make specific senior formulas and say you have to switch a senior cat to senior food. Try a company that makes food for all life stages or if that is too rich, try a company that makes kitten food and adult food and leave it at that.

Cats in the wild do not have food for seniors. They simply eat more or less according to their energy needs.

You might also consider feeding some wet food too. It is much lower in calories and has fewer carbohydrates and lots more moisture and for cats who are older and require fewer calories wet food can help. It's also very good for all cats to eat from kittenhood through old age.
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Seniors ( since in the wild a cat sees only 5 and we consider cats seniors 7-10 yrs ) do have different needs ... Has a denior blood panel been done??? .. Pro plan is HIGH % protein GRAIN not meat meaning is it evan less digestable in a dry form than a meat heavy formula...

Healthy no issues stay under 32 protein ... I personally stay under 30 but Crf for 4 yrs will teach you alot ... and now I am dealing with liver in a senior dog ( not pretty)
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We use pro plan be cause it is cheap and still ok quality. I have looked at other kinds, but they are either bad quality or really expensive. We tried science diet, and use it for almost a year with Root and found out it was causing stomach issues in him. So we can't use that. Any suggestions on cheap good quality foods?

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Nutro natural choice ...

sensible choice

solid gold

natural balence

all are at or a little less than pro plan most of the time and far better quality
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