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kitten loose stools

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We adopted 2 kittens after we had to put our beloved Tinker to sleep. They are now 5 mo. old. They are healthy and have been to the vet several times. Problem is loose stolls which may have been caused by wet food (vet said it was possible). Question is can I give them something like kaopectate. They are active and show no signs of being sick also confirmed by the vet.
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Please don't give anything to your cats unless the vet ok's it. Medicines and even some foods that are ok for humans are not safe for cats.

It's very likely it is the wet food. I fostered a kitten last year that had the runs pretty bad until I took him off the wet food. It was just too rich for his little tummy. I did an expirament where I took him off and put him back on a few days later. It was definately the wet food. Maybe even just try cutting way back and giving mostly dry until they are a little older.
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To help with the runny poo in the meantime, you could always see if you could get him to eat a bit of canned pumpkin mixed in with his food (not the pie filling just the plain canned pumpkin).
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What are they eating brands ...

Have you talked to the vet today or yesturday about the issue??

CALL and talk to the vet and then read labels if given the okay for OTC meds... MANY Now HAVE ASPIRIN and CAN KILL
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