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Massage Question

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I completed my two months of physical therapy nearly two weeks ago. I immediately joined the fitness center at work, so I could continue to use the machines and continue the exercises that I was doing in PT. On Monday I did two big surgeries and put my back into spasm again. Tuesday evening I called around and found a place where I could get a massage. I had my hour long massage at 9:30 this morning. It's now 6 pm and my shoulders feel like they're bruised and actually feel HOT! The spasms seem to be gone, but the bruised sensation is rather uncomfortable. Since this is only my second massage that I've ever had (the first one was a month ago when the spasms were at their worst) I don't know if this is a normal reaction to such deep manipulation of the muscles. Can anyone tell me if this is normal, and how long it should last? My first massage also resulted in a bruised feeling and triggered a killer migraine, but didn't relieve the spasms. This one, thankfully, seemed to fix the spasms and hasn't triggered a migraine!

Thanks for any insight!
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How much strength did the masseuse use?

Some massages if done err..too rough can result in some pinched nerves. My last massage while left me feeling great also left me with a pinched nerve.

That could be the burning sensation.
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I honestly don't think it's a pinched nerve issue. Since I've only had two massages, I really don't have much to compare to. Both massages were done by medically trained masseuses, at the hospital massage therapy center, so I'm pretty sure they know what they're doing. I guess I should have asked her about the bruised feeling, since it also happened the first time (different masseuse.) I guess I just forgot to ask until now, since I have the bruised feeling again. My dumb! I have another scheduled in two weeks....perhaps I can remember to ask at the next one, lol!
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I would call tomorrow morning and find out. Perhaps you're sensitive to massages or super stressed out?

Did they use any type of oils? Perhaps the burning is an allergic reaction.
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I've had many massages and should go every month, but due to $, I dont go as much as I should.

I get the bruised feeling after deep tissue work when I am especially tight. If I go all the time I dont get it, but if I am rigid and they work it hard, the soreness is common.

If I get a massage by someone without strengh, I find them pleasant but not effective, but there is no soreness after.

The burning, I dont recall. I do get spasms occasionally after massage work, but goes away rather quickly. I'm unsure why that happens - my bottom lip goes into a weird spasm mode I can't control.
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I do remember having a bruised feeling. My first massage felt like some linebacker had done a tap dance on my back. But I don't remember any burning. I'm wondering what type of lotion they may have used.

One thing I have learned with my massages is to drink lots of water afterwards.
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The burning could be due to the soft tissue called the fascia overlying the muscle. Your most superficial layer stores heat and if it was very tight and restricted, it can cause a heat or burning sensation as it starts to unwind. Usually the therapist should continue to treat until the burning sensation stops; however most massages are on a time limit so this isn't done!

The bruised feeling is normal for a deep tissue massage and should subside within 24 hours.
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I have had many massages, and never had that feeling at all. I like alot of pressure too. I am not sure what is causing yours but I hope it goes away!
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