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FVRCP vaccine question

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Hello fellow cat lovers...
I have a question I'd like to ask.
I would like to know more about the FVRCP vaccine.
I've done some research and am a bit confused, so I thought I would ask those of you who have experience with the vaccine.
I've read there is a live and killed type of this vaccine.
What worries me is, could there be a possibility of my cat (who is an adult), actually getting the virus (esp. panleukopenia) from the vaccine?
This has always been my fear with vaccinations but I'd rather be safe.
And are there any serious side effects to worry about?
Just was hoping to ask before a vet trip.
Thanks for any help!!
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YES, you cat can develop viruses from the vaccine, as that's what vaccines are -- basically, a weak strain of whatever-it-is they are designed to prevent, by building up immunity to that disease. Hopefully some of the experts here at TCS will help to answer your "live vs. killed" question. It's a thorny and controversial issue, I know -- my family, for instance, has never believed in vaccines (for humans) and fortunately we were able to avoid them. But adopting a cat and taking on that responsibility makes one have to stop and think -- a cat's world is very different from a human's, and I would advocate baseline innoculations for ALL cats except those who cannot due to health reasons, plus boosters infrequently; and I urge anyone and everyone who cares for cats to keep their cats indoors-only, for safety, health, and longevity. By keeping them indoors only, you would not need to vaccinate as often, either.
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