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Poor Georgia

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I got up to feed my babies this morning, and Georgia did not come running! She has never been outside, and there is snow on the ground, so I was scared to death that curiousity had finally gotten the better of her, and she had somehow sneaked out. I checked all over the house, and finally decided I needed to look outside. I sat down to put on my shoes, and noticed a little paw sticking out from under the couch. It is very low, and I cannot imagine how she got under there, even though she is a tiny cat. I lifted up the end of the couch and she crawled out. She is such a little drama queen, she laid on the floor, on her back, paws over eyes, and cried. She hadn't made a sound before. I picked her up and cuddled her, then she was ready to eat and torment the others, so I knew she was ok. She is such a brat, I was scared to death!
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What a little character! I was picturing this poor, traumatized kitten lying on her back covering her eyes, and I was so touched...then she's off playing. There must never be a dull moment in your house!
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:LOL: LMAO! I'm sorry, but the image of her on her back crying with her eyes covered was just too much!!
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Poor, poor little Georgia! Of course, since she's ok, the picture of her laying there covering her eyes and crying for sympathy is just too funny. What a ham! Of course, she got what she wanted, Mom was worried and gave her sympathy and snuggles so all is right in her kitty world.
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LOL! Has she taken acting lessons?
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Don't you love it, when they act pathetic? Rowdy has this weak, squeaky "mew", that she uses in the kitchen every morning. Then, she falls over, on her side - SO weak, from hunger.
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Cindy, After seeing the "hard life" your poor animals have, I can just imagine poor little Rowdy falling over from malnourishment! :laughing2 Perhaps you should feed her fresh caviar instead of canned....
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Why, yes, she has had acting lessons of sort. Leo was the biggest ham I have ever seen, and Georgia learned her cutie-pie lessons well. I thought Pearl had a toy lost under there, but apparently she had Georgia unable to get away and was smacking her. Being half asleep, it didn't even occur to me it might be Georgia.
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Drama queen?! You should get her into commercials! She would captivate the audience and earn you money!!!

Too funny!

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I'm sure glad she was okay!
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