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Need trapping prayers and good vibes!

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Hi all!

I have signed up for three cats this Sunday at a Spay/neuter clinic. This is an absolute gift from above as I have been very short with money and unable spay/neuter for a while due to some medical issues with our family cats and family issues. I only have one trap, but have been trying to get another one. I even posted here for one. I will be trying to catch another two in carriers if I cannot get another trap. Please send prayers and good trapping vibes my way. I am so nervous I won't be able to take advantage of this opportunity! Please send along any advice also! It has always taken me 1-3 days to catch one cat each time. I have to trap close to the day/on the day as I really don't have any room inside to keep them for too long. I really want everything to go right...

It's been a while since I have been here so here's a quick update. No neighbor troubles right now, Thank God! Midnight (Miss Impossible to catch as she does not live with us) brought us three new young adults about a month ago and a gray male showed up and started to eat here. That adds four more to our total. It is confusing to me though. When having trouble with your neighbors, Alley Cat Allies says to tell them that the colony will keep other strange cats away, keeping the colony the same size. This has proven to not be true time and time again for me. The male members of our colony tried to chase away the gray male but were unable to, instead one my males left! I really enjoyed seeing him everyday and am not to happy with the new one because of this.

Anyway I will protect and care for them all the best I can. I just worry constantly because I don't want them to feel too safe here and then have someone come and take some away again. I couldn't go through that again.

Well, I guess I better stop going on and on. Thank all of you and God Bless you that run/work at these clinics! I truly mean it! No one really knows how much this means to me. And many thanks to all of you here at this site!

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Trap just before feeding time with some REALLY stinky human food. I have always had luck with burgers. Someone else recommended KFC.

Good luck!
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Many good vibes on the way.

Thanks so much for caring about those kitties!
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Sending lots of trapping vibes your way. Bless you for caring for the kitties.
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May you be many times blessed for your compassion, caring, and personal responsibility toward homeless cats. And may you have 100% success in trapping and "speutering" these three! I've had amazing success before with one trap and carriers -- as long as they're covered by towels or sheets to not appear threatening, baited with tuna or other very fragrant food, and preferably you have more than one person helping you, it may go faster than you'd ever imagine! GOOD LUCK and do let us know how it all came out!
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Good vibes your way for the trapping and your big heart!
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Thank you so much! I have always trapped with just tuna fish, but this time I am going to try the KFC. I am glad to hear that you had luck with the carriers, Tarasgirl06... I was worried about that.
I have to ask for more prayers and vibes for good weather though. We are supposed to have thundershowers on Saturday. I won't be able to catch anyone with bad weather....Let's hope the weatherman is wrong as usual!
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Hi everybody!

Thank you for all of the prayers and vibes you sent this way!

Everything went well... I was able to borrow two traps at the last minute and the weather was great!

I only caught two out of the three I was going for, but I am still very happy! One was a male and one was a female. These two are from the three young adults Midnight brought to us. She was here that morning too but stayed well away from the traps. I think it was her that kept the last one out of the last trap, because she kept talking to the last little one...that, and he/she didn't like the sound of the trap catching for the other two.

I had never been to one of these clinics and I have to say seeing the caring and dedication of the vets and volunteers was wonderful! God Bless them all!

Well...that leaves 3 more now. I think the other young adult will be easy once she forgets what happened to the other two, but Midnight and the big gray male that showed up are going to be hard work.

Thanks again!
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Good job!
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