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cat eats ring?

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My engagement ring is missing. Everyone thinks the cat ate it. I am having a hard time believing that he would. The way the diamond is set on the ring makes it stand out pretty far, so the ring would be about 1/4 - 1/2 inch at the widest point. Could this even go through his throat? He's never bothered the ring before and wedding band wasn't moved at all. Any thoughts on this?
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He probably hid it. I have one cat who routinely takes watches, rings and eyeglasses upstairs and dumps them in the litter pan, and buries them. It sure has surprised a few overnight guests, even though we warn them, few believe that the Ripster actually does this! LOL

It is possible, though not probable that the cat swallowed your ring. The only way to find out is to find someone with a metal detector who can pass the machine near your cat (without him freaking out) or take him in and have him x-rayed
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The first place I checked (well, second - I looked under the furniture where he loses his toys first) was the litter box. He has put a few toys in there recently -- glad you mentioned that, though, because now I know he's not the only one! It's unlikely he will pass it if he eats it isn't it? If it doesn't turn up, I will take him to the vet Monday.
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Rowdy stole my engagement ring, a while back. Fortunately, that amethyst is too big to swallow. I found it laying next to the food bowl. Now, when I take it off, it goes into a trinket box, with a latch.
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I lost my engagement ring a while ago and have never recovered it. I was home all night and I don't remember taking it off. I just remember waking up and thinking "hmm, I wonder about my ring" and felt my finger and when I realized it was gone, I called to Darrell and asked him where my ring was, he didn't know, and we still haven't found it. I got another ring, cause it's covered under house insurance, but it still pains when I think about it.
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okdsxe(Snowball is sitting on my lap helping me type) You must have left your rings sitting on a table or dresser. Is it possible that the cat just happened to knock your engagement ring to the floor? I used to have a cat that would always knock small objects off tables.
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Hercules loves shiny objects! When I first got him he took my silver cat ring! I found it in his water bowl! Make sure you check your house up and down. Check all of your kitties favorite places. If he did eat it, he'll probably pass it. I have found many wierd objects in the litterbox!
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the ring was under the computer cabinet shoved CLEAR in the front corner by little mischievous paws! thank goodness he really didn't eat it!
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Wow!!! I'm so glad you found it!!! And that the cat didn't eat it!!! That would have been really bad! I love happy endings!
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Glad you found it!!

I leave nothing on tables or dressers because Nakita would take it!!!

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Both Opie and Rowdy are jewel thieves. I leave nothing lying around, for them to steal. Rowdy hasn't figured out how to open the jewelry armoire, yet.
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Whew, that is great that you found it. Makes for a good story with a nice happy ending now!
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