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We found our dream Kitty!!

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This litte guy is young around 7wks no mom and one littermate...I talked to my husband about him who at first said no we dont need anymore animals....then he saw him and instantly fell in then he begged me to keep him We havent named him feel free to throw out ideas also to all the breeders and anyone who might be interested what breed/color is he? Im about 100% he is himalayan but to have it confirmed by someone else would be nice Here are his pictures...
I love this one its a bit blurry but very cute

in this last one it kind of looks like he is saying his bedtime prayers
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Wow, what a cutie pie!
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He is adorable!!
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that baby should come with a warning. How precious...he looks like he's saying his prayers.
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Awwwww how sweet is he
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he is adoarble, and kittys that say their prayers, are extra special
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Oh My Heart...What a living Doll he is

He is either a Chocolate Point or a Seal point I think!
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congrats! He's a sweet looking.

Names that came to me the minute I saw him:

Tip-Toe (looks like he tiped his toes in chocolate)

Coco Puff (chocolate & Puffy (fluffy))

hehe...anyway....Congrats again!!
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He's definitely a cutie! Who in their right mind would abandon a seven week old himalayan kitty?
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oh my he is prescious! Just darling!

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Oh my - how beautiful.

I am thinking Frank - you know those blue eyes!
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Oh my what a little precious baby awwww and look at those eyes
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Yep seal point himalayan IMO. He's cute. How about "Sir Lancelot"?
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He's all face and fluff bless him!
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Oh my soul! what a sweetheart...I am in love with him!
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OH MY GOODNESS! I want to cry he is so cute! I want him I want him!!!!! I can see why your husband said yes to those gorgeous eyes!
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first response to looking at him was he reminds me of Spaceballs. The character Mog came to mind but he was half man half dog. then I thought of the character yogurt,almost but not quite fitting. and then I thought he looked like a Wookie from Star Wars. so call him Chewbacca
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Considering the pic of him "saying his bedtime prayers" (OMG is that adorable or what!) and the fact that he has no mother cat so I'd say he has someone looking out for him...I'd name him after an angel. Gabriel was the first name that came to mind. Michael would work too.
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Ooh! That squished little adorable face makes me want to kiss him! Give him a smooch from all of us!
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I like Gabriel. The pic of him saying his prayers just screams out for an angelic name.
He is just precious. If you don't mind me asking, what happened to mom and sibling? I hope they were as lucky as this little one to get a great home.
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