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Abandoned Kitten

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Hi guys!

I really apologize for my lack of activity. It's jsut been hectic. I'll definitely do my best to start back up again!

Anyway. Zoey is doing swell, but this isn't about here. On Monday mornin I heard a kittie wailing from our... Guess what? Oil pit! It's just a big hole in the ground, a cement block, we park the trucks over it and stand beneath to change the oil, you know. Luckily, it's dry, and out of the wind because the wind has been horrendous. Anyway, I went down... And in the corner by a bucket were two baby dark grey/black and white mottled kitties, about 3 or 4 weeks I'm guessing. I was pretty sure they were abandoned. One was kind of hissy and the other screamed bad. I fed them twice that day (kitten chow soaked in whole milk, it's what I had at the time) and wiped their butts. Yesterday, did the same. The screaming one looked really scrawny and weak and always cried and wouldn't eat much or poop at all. The other one ate like a pig and did well it seemed.

This morning (Wednesday) I went to check on them... The scrawny one is dead. I didn't really expect him to live. I should have brought them inside, but I still don't think he would have lived at all. Something was wrong with the one that died, maybe something internally, I don't know. So we brought the remaining one (he's bigger and healthier) up here to the yard and let him run around with our cat clan. (we have some adults, some 6 month olds, and some 3 month olds) He only got swatted twice, and he got to playing with our little 3 months old kittens. Finally he started crying because everybody started napping and he was lonely. (We have some bushed, sme holes in the shed wall, flower pots to sleep and play and hide in but he is just so small.) So I brought him in and fed him. In two feedings, he has drank some milk and eaten almost a whole can of Fancy Feast (chicken heart and liver in gravy I think)!!! He peed once. Now I a slumped in the office chair, he is on my chest with a hoodie over him, snoozing. He's very calm, peaceful, with an adorable purr (he's been purring alot!) and a quiet meow. I'll take some pics of him later, he has the most adorable markings.

Mom won't stand for another house cat, and neither will Daddy. Zoey came in because she was white and we all fell in love with her and didn't want the coyotes to get her since she is so easy to see with her light coloring. I don't really know what to do with him though! We took Jenny who is our main momma cat (all of our docile cats are in some way related to her) and held her down and tried to let him nurse her. She was calm about it, and has milk from her litter she is slowly weaning, but he didn't know how to take the nipple, I guess he has already forgotten. But he has a tummy full of warm food and he can kind of go to the bathroom by himself now.

Sleeping arrangements. I have a cat crate, but like I said, Mom doesn't want another house cat. But it's starting to get below freezing here at night! I don't know what to do.

Pictures soon. Please pray that he will continue to grow and be healthy! (Still asleep under the hoodie on my chest )
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good for you, taking care of that kitten! tell your folks you'll adopt it out when it's ready to go, otherwise, a kitten doesn't take exactly take up a lotta space!

hope it continues to eat well, i don't think cats really can digest cow milk, you should keep up with the cat food and maybe get some KMR kitten formula. good luck!
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He's too little to be outside without a mother cat. Unless the one will adopt him it looks like you'll have to step up. Will your parents not even relent for a helpless baby? He can't even keep himself warm at that age.

No more cows milk. This is not good for cats, and pretty much useless for kittens. You'll have to get a kitten (or baby animal) formula. Do you and your parents shop a farm supply often? They usually have formula for a little cheaper than walmart.

You may also want to keep Zoey away from the baby. It could be sick since the other one died.
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jimmylegs: actually we found him on our ranch. The ranch was overrun with cats when we got here but we've finally skimmed down to about 20 cats, no tom cats left (we're too far out for any to just show up, or atleast too often) except for some kittens who are too young to be neutered. So he is pretty much ours.

strangewings: oh I know he's too little! She would probably adopt him but she is already weaning her litter and he refuses to nurse from her. So he's pretty much my responsibility now, which I don't mind. I have raised many many kittens who were sick or injured or abandoned. If it's a matter of life and death, I know they'll let me have him inside. I know he is too little to keep himself warm. He had his brother, but something was wrong with him... And I know that cows milk isn't the best for kittens, but as I mentioned, it was all I had at the time you know? He is now on canned kitten food, and when we go to town (hopefully this afternoon, if not then tomorrow) I'll pick up some kitten formular probably. He needs some milk at this age and I don't mind bottle feeding him a few times a day. He can have both that and canned kitten food. We used to keep some formula and a bottle around because he nursed kittens ALOT and some baby rabbits too before, but I don't know what happened to it. I'll pick some up really soon.

He kind of sleeps then wants to run around for a while but he gets lonely so I put him outside to play with the others. He is an absolute cutie and has already stolen my . Should I keep him in our kitten crate in my room tonight? Man I didn't get a wink of sleep for weeks when we got Zoey... I'm dreading it happening again. :P But whatever it takes for my little fellow!
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Okay well I had this really loooong post. And then the kitten got to jumping across the keyboard and deleted the whole thing. So this one won't be quite so descriptive, but here we go.

We got him to nurse Jenny yesterday and she would even lick him and everything when he was nursing. But when he wasn't nursing, she wouldn't have anything to do with him. This nursing won't last long, because she is weaning her babies, like I said. And he keeps trying to nurse little parts of our bodies (necks, lips, etc) so we are going to get a baby kitten bottle and some kitten formula this afternoon.

He ate an entire can of Fancy Feast yesterday! Poor thing has a tummy the size of Texas now, and I don't want him to be uncomfortable, so should I start feeding him less or still let him eat as much as he would like? I think he ate so much because he was still starved from being abandoned by his momma and he ate out of comfort maybe since his sib died?

Anyway, he can go to the bathroom on his own. Last night he piddled... A lot... And last night in his box he went poo. Yay!

Okay, sleeping arrangements. We got a lare (about 2 ft by 2 ft) cardboard box and taped the flaps up so that it made for really tall sides so he could not climb out. Then I put a polar fleece blanket in there, along with a fuzzy stuffed animal in the corner where he was curled up in a little ball. I left a saucer of dry kitty food just in case he got hungry, but I didn't want him stepping in the wet and getting it all over the place so yeah. And I put the box on the dryer, I thought maybe the faint vibration would be sligtly comforting like a momma's purr?

I don't think he screamed all night. Well, maybe he did, since he has such a quiet pitiful meow. I know when we brought Zoey in at about 2 months just for nights, she screamed at various times during the night and was in the same spot and woke the entire house! But he was good...

This morning I tried to feed him some canned food but he would not have any part of it. Well we had some milk left over from the last time we fed him so I thought, might as well. I know it's not great for them, but it would be something warm in his tummy, but he didn't eat that anyway.

He is very playful! He is playing right now. I let him go outside and play with the bigger kittens but they get kind of rough. Some just follow him around, some swat, and some jump on him. :P So I play with him with some yarn mostly.

Any ideas, tips, or suggestions are fully welcome!
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