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what do you put used litter in??

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I was wondering what everyone uses to house the used litter?

I have figured ot something that works well for me. Since i use Tidy cats and miz it with something else, i always have a empty Tidy Cats bucket around. So i got the smart idea that i could use it for used litter.

I put a 13 gal garbage bag in it, vanilla scented. then i scoop the litter boxes every other day. When the bag is full, i remove it, and put it in the garbage can outside. I keep the tub with the used litter outside, cause i scoop my boxes outside. keeps the house cleaner,lol.

I also found out that putting a bit of baking soda in with the litter not only helps with the smell, but helpt to clump tighter too. and i get a huge box in the laundry isle for $2 a box.
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I used to use plastic grocery bags and then just tie up the bags and drop them in my trashcan outside but I did away with trash pick up so I started to use a Litter Locker but found it to be more trouble/expense than it was worth so I went and bought small Sterilite cans with latching lids. I double the bags for extra strength and that has worked well for me.
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When I scoop, I use plastic grocery bags & throw it out with the daily trash! Works well for us!
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
When I scoop, I use plastic grocery bags & throw it out with the daily trash! Works well for us!
Ditto for me.
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
When I scoop, I use plastic grocery bags & throw it out with the daily trash! Works well for us!
That's what we do too.
Anytime I've tried to use a bucket and keep it for a while before tossing, it smelled soooo bad.
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i used to curse those plastic shopping bags, but now i have to hoard them just for this purpose! still i am thinking of something like what CCG has, a locking container type thing. i am in the habit of noting when the litterboxes get used and scooping immediately, so i end up with a bag lying around the house. this works okay but as you know those bags (even double-bagged) are not exactly a lead barrier from the stank!
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I used to use the plastic shopping bags, but it was such a hassle because 70% of them had holes in the bottom and my hubby never managed to weed all of the "holey" ones out. I now have a litter locker which I absolutely love!!!

Also, when I completely empty out the litterbox for a cleaning, the clay litter goes in the trash. If I am using pine litter, all the poo gets scooped out and the remaining litter gets spread into the compost pile. I will probably do the same with the WBCL that I am using now.
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When I was still in school and had my own apartment, I had a kitty garbage pale... just a little trash can with a lid - I'd put litter box things in there (as well as food scraps cuz I didn't have a garbage disposal) and then empty it when I was emptying the rest of my trash to take all the way up to the dumpster... now we're back with my parents so I scoop the boxes into plastic grocery store bags and just stick it on the back stoop and whoever goes out to the garage next grabs it to put in the trash can
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Goes in a paper bag, then into the plastic bags. When the plastic bags are 1/2 full (kitchen size) it goes into the trash can.

I'm using the Feline Pine (Petco's brand) and its more of a sawdust so it has no odor.
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I use inexpensive zip sandwich bags and I have a separate sented trash bag in my garbage to keep the little bags in till it goes out.
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glad odor shield kitchen sized garbage bags!! i empty the littermaid waste receptacle into a glad bag on tuesday and it sits there until friday when i empty the receptacle into the bag again and out it goes. those scented garbage bags really work! the drawstring, not the flaps. (i bought the flaps once by mistake and they don't close as tightly). the drawstring closes super tight, you can't smell a thing.
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I use Wal-Mart bags. I throw away all the ones w/holes in them and save the others, then I simply scoop the poop and then throw in trash can outside on the carport and once a week when trash pick up day is, I empty that bag and put a clean one in. That has worked great for me!!
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We have horses, so we have a manure pile. I just toss the kitty litter in there as well.
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I used 13 gallon kitchen garbage bags for my Robot. I've found that a double knot in the bag when you tie it does a much better job keeping the stink inside the bag, so I just put it in the bathroom garbage, which has a lid, and we're fine.
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I use plastic shopping bag. We just keep them, I scoop the litter into them, double tie. And then insted of having to keep thm in the house smelling, we live way out on a ranch and we burn out trash in barrels. I just toss them into the barrels and they get burned whenever we burn the rest of our garbage.
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Originally Posted by KuntryKitty View Post
I just toss them into the barrels and they get burned whenever we burn the rest of our garbage.
Hmph, that has to be aromatic!
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I use plastic grocery bags, and just use 2 at a time in case of holes

I scoop, then throw it in the outdoor trash each day behind the apartment.
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I use scented nappy sacks. Litter goes in those then out to the dustbin outside once a day. I used to put them in a litter locker but I didn't rate it and it was expensive so have gone back to just the nappy sacks.
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I have 3 cats. I use clumping litter. I bought a small walmart bag sized trash can and always keep a bag in it to scoop clumps into. The can keeps the bag from moving on me so I dont make such a mess scooping and then I just tie the top of the bag and toss in the trash. Same system I used when I had an electronic litterboxes, but with 3 cats those didn't have enough litter. This is the easiest way for me.
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I use the plastic grocery bags, scoop once a day, tie a double knot in it and throw it in the outside trash bin. If the bag has a small hole or two I use a piece of tape to seal it and then use the bag.
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We use the Petmate Litter Locker Plus, which allows you to scoop and store easily and contains the odor. About once a week, we remove the used portion of the bag. We buy refills (the continous plastic bag insert) about every two months. I might also add that a really nice scoop is included with it, and the box has a place to store the scoop. It is really great if you need someone to petsit, because it is so easy to use. I absolutely love it, and would highly recommend it.
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i scoop the litter box daily and just drop it into the toilet. it all plushes down without any problems. when it comes time to completely change the litter it goes into a big garbage bag out to the trash outside the house.
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I use ZipLoc baggies. Scoop the poop in, pinch it shut, and into the garbage can it goes. It never smells because it's in the airtight baggie!
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I was using the grocery bags, but then I started to feel guilty about not recycling them so I've gotten a bucket with a very tight lid and those odor control kitchen bags.
I use a lot less plastic this way and the entire bag goes out with the weekly trash. I also put baking soda in the bag every time I scoop. Between that and the tight lid, it doesn't smell (I've had brutally honest independent smellers verify this).
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Originally Posted by babyharley View Post
When I scoop, I use plastic grocery bags & throw it out with the daily trash! Works well for us!
When I scoop the poop everyday, I use small cheap sandwich bags and chuck it in with the daily rubbish. But when I discard of all the litter, I use the above. Works fine, and is putting them to secondary use!!
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I clean the box once a day. I have a trashcan w/ lid (the foot-operated lid type). I line the can with two walmart bags, which I secure with a rubber band around the outside of the can lip. I put the used litter every day into the can/bags and at the end of the week, I remove the two bags, double knot, and put it in the big trash can outside. This works pretty well, but it IS smelly when I open the lid to the can (even with baking soda) and I don't think I'll ever be able to use the can for anything else, as the plastic has absorbed the odor (even with double bags).

I have flushable litter, so I would flush the clumps, but the room that the box is in is all the way across the house from the toilet.

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Ditto on using grocery bags and taking out the trash every day.
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I'm surprised no one else seems to do it the way I do.

I buy those little bags they use for doggie clean up - the ones I get are biodegradable and hold at least a day or two's worth of litter box clean up. Works great and keeps the smell in if I twist the bag shut. What I like about them is that they come in nice little rolls that are neat and tidy, and they last for a while so they save on me throwing things away.

Plus, they're cheap!
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