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For those of you who haven't seen her yet, this is my newest little furbaby, Mitzi. She is about 1 year old now and is a very cheeky but sweet tortie. We got her last June and unfortunately I hadn't had a siggy made with her on it - but I will get one! She had a kitten, but rejected him So now she lives with us, playing, begging for her food like a dog lol, and she likes to wake me up at 5am with a bite of my toes or just by lying on my face!

So, what ya'll think?!!
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Very beatutiful.
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she is so pretty!!!
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Oh shes beautiful and funny too ......... laying on your face to wake you up
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This morning she decided to lie on my arm with her head on my shoulder, purring away!
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She is beautiful.
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She is adorable
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