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flea help!!!

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i have a 6 month old male kitten with fleas. hes an indoor cat (a friend of ours, their animal had fleas and must have jumped a ride with him lol). he is the only animal we have. so last week, we gave him a bath, put frontline on him, and bombed the house. we've been trying to vacuum everything everyday. he still has them. my boyfriend brushed at least 9 off of him last night. we have set up the "light trap" (soapy water in a pan under a light) before we go to bed for them to jump into. i dont know what else to do. help!
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It sounds like you're doing everything you should be doing, it's a bummer that it isn't working. My vet suggested that I put flea power in my vacuum bag/canister so that when fleas and flea eggs are vacuumed up, they are killed in the bag. Maybe that would help?
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you can also bath him in plain Dawn dishsoap, works AWESOME!!

get the water warm, get him wet, then slather it on. leave on for 3-5 min, then rinse. if you see a flea, get it and kill as you rinse. repeat. the apply flea meds when pet is dry, and between the shoulder blades so they cant lick it off.

I vacume with the carpet flea powder, and use the spray for carpets and couches.
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Cut up flea collars work good for killing fleas that get vacuumed up. Frontline takes a little time to work.... I start with it in about June. The first month or sometimes two within a couple weeks of putting it on I start to see fleas again. But each time I use it I see less and less of them. By the second or third month I'm just still using it as a precautionary measure to prevent reinfestation... they're usually all but gone at that point. Frontline works by stopping the fleas life cycle... sometimes it takes a few months to do that completely. I've heard great things about using Dawn Dishsoap... also about putting a little vinegar in the water but never tried myself. Heard good things about Garlic too but... be careful with Garlic... I've read it can cause anemia in cats??? Not positive about that but I read it on a reliable website so I never tried it for that reason.
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Ask your vet about capstar. Its a pill that will kill ALL of the fleas on him, normally within an hour. The down side is it only works for 24 hours. That combined with the frontline (which is safe to apply up to every 3 weeks) should help. You should get some kind of treatment for the house as well. Most require that you keep kitty out for a little while so read the label carefully. Make sure you empty the bag or canister of the vacuum after every use also and dont forget things like the couch or chairs.

One last thing. There is no flea product that can kill the flea when it is in its pupae stage so it may take a little while for everything to finally work.

Good luck to you. The last time I had a flea problem, it took almost a month to fix. Worst of all, because my pets all get flea protection, the fleas were jumping on me!!
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