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Wrong food treat?

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Hi Guys

I left Dexter with the boyfriend this afternoon and now am really worried as he has given him some raw bacon from the FRIDGE to eat. I have heard that raw pork is not good for cats especially when below room temp. Will Dexter be ok? The boyfriend said that he cut off and thew away all the fat and just gave him a little bit of the meat. He thought it would be ok as he has seen me give Dexter raw mince and thought that a tiny bit of bacon would be a nice treat, i have to stress that usually he is the perfect cat parent he just gave in to Dexters purrleeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzeee face (this is the face he makes when he pretends he hasnt been fed in three weeks, its very difficult NOT to give him something.....i just wish it was one of his iams treats and not BACON!!)

This was about an hour ago, i put Dexter in front of his water bowl and he has had a drink and is now prowling. I dont think that it was a large enough amount to do much harm but am still worring.

Let me know your thoughts and if you could let me know exactly what it is about pork that is so damaging to cats, i cant seem to find that much info on the net.

Many thanks

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Bacon is certainly not good for cats owing to its high salt content, regardless of the whole pork thing. I have heard pork is not good, though I am not sure why, if it is cooked properly. Raw pork must be bad, as it has a lot of bacteria and goes off very quickly.

But I am sure Dexter will be Ok after only a little bit, with no fat or rind. AS long as he is eating and drinking well, then I would not worry.
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If it was a tiny piece, he should be ok, but tell your BF that RAW PORK is a no-no and please don't give it to him again!
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Thank you for your replies.

I am more worried this morning as his stools have been like runny mud (sorry to be so graphic) and he went twice as soon as he woke up this morning having about a 5/10 min break in between. He always has very hard big stools and only does 1 as soon as he wakes up (again sorry to be so graphic!) so i am quiet concerned. I have taken the morning off to keep an eye on him but i have to go out for a meeting later this afternoon. He has been purring and has eaten some dry mix and drank some water which is a good sign i suppose . It just goes to show that pork no matter how small definately is NOT any good for cats, even as a treat.

Has anyone else had a similar experiance and do you think that this is just a bit of an upset tum or something more sinister.

Thanks again.

Worried Anna.
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I would think he probably just has an upset tummy, but you can always call and ask your vet if you're worried about it. I think they can get parasites from raw pork. There is a thread on here about it, if you do a search on pork you should find all the info.
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