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Can you guys please send some job vibes my way?

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I've applied at this pet spa just around the corner from me. They do pup-tography, grooming, and doggy day care. You guys! This would be the most awesome job ever! I have always wanted to work with animals and this is soooo close to home Please can you guys send some good luck vibes my way? I know of all the magic TCS vibes can do I would really appreciate it!!!!!

Thank you
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OMG I SO WANT THAT JOB!!! I want to work with animals too, why can't we have a thing like that round here!?

Sending loaadddss of good vibes for you...good luck!!
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Sending many get the job vibes for you They must hire you...I'm sure there isn't another person that has applied who loves animals as much as you do.
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Holy cow!! Definitely do a follow up call in the next day or two or drop by the place and talk with the people.

Good luck!!!
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Thank you all so much!!!

I was hoping they would have called already. I just filled out the app. and dropped my resume off this morning. I spoke with one of the owners, she said she really liked my attitude and the fact I live right around the corner. She tried phoning the other owner while I was there (good sign?!??) but could'nt reach her and told me to expect a call to set-up for an interview.
I don't think I have EVER wanted a job so bad! I can't even imagine getting paid to be around pets all day

I have to run an errand in a little while, and pray that when I get back there will be a message on the machine boy am I all jittery waiting for the phone to ring nervous nelly over here

Thank you all so much for your vibes
Hope I can give good news soon!
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They just called me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! screw those errands!!!!! I am on my way to interview OMG!!!!!

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good luck
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I'm back

Got to meet the other owner- both very nice ladies
I think I made a good impression on them- especially when they found out I took photography classes- as their pup-tographer recently quit. So they said they will talk it over and they will call me this evening!!!!!!!! so here goes the anxious waiting again

I cannot thank you all enough TCS vibes are amazing!!!
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I guess the ladies could'nt wait until this evening to call back they just called!!!! I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!< tears of joy!
I am in shock!!! All this happened in one day! I've been job hunting for months I am sooooo happy though!

For the dis-believers out there, TCS vibes REALLY really work
You guys are awesome thank you so much I owe you!!!!!

How about a round of margaritas on the house!!!
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that you get the job!
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OMG!!!!! Thats awesome!!!!!!! Congrats!!
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Awesome! Glad you got the job!

Take it from me be prepared to come home smelling like a dog every day LOL! But its worth it! Plus you get to hang out with these dogs and love on um and then send up home!
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The job sounds amazing, please keep us posted on how you like it!
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Thank you all!!!

capt_jordi: you said it best I get to love them, then they go home

Well I originally interviewed for the receptionist/ daycare attendant position, but after they found out I dabble in photography- I am now the photographer/receptionist!!!!!! I cannot wait to dress up the pups for halloween and x-mas!!

Cocoalily: Thank you sooooo much for my gift!!!!
I tried to pm you, but can't for some reason
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