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Hes alone tonight and tomorrow!

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We bought our two cats together, brother and sister.

Theyve never been apart, theyve slept and played in the same room since we got them.
But tonight (starting from now) and tomorrow night, the male has to be kept here, in our room, because of him getting "done" tomorrow, he needs starving and obviously its not fair to starve the other animals as well.
And then tomorrow hes obviously going to be very dopey, so we dont want him in with the others.

I wondered, if any problems do start, how to reassure him?
Do I bring his sister in for a few minutes so he knows shes still here? Or will that make things worse?

He seems okay at the moment, being a wee explorer!
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Oh, poor boy. I would worry the same as we have two siblings who have never been apart.

Can you keep his sister in with him most of the time, but take her out now and again to feed her? Then at least he won't be traumatised before his operation, and will hopefully get some sleep.

And when he's back, he may feel fine - you may want to introduce his sister pretty soon after he's back, if he seems perky. The operation is pretty minor for males - our boy Bruce was bouncing around immediately on his return from the vet's!

Hope he recovers quickly from his op.

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Our boy recovered very quick and very well. I'm thinking your kitty will just be sleepy and hardly notice he is by himself.
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my guys aren't brother and sister, but have been together their whole lives. One recently had to go to the vet for a week I had the same worries but the other guy was fine.......jsut slept the nights away, paced a little during the day and that was it.

Now that she is home they have to be seperated when Im not home because I have to monitor exactly what she is eating etc. but when kitties come home from the vet they aren't feeling good (esp. after an operation) and when cats don't feel good they tend to just want to be left alone anyways.....so I think they'll be A OK.

for a super fast recovery so they can be back together!
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They should be fine apart. It is only for a couple days and for a good cause Plus the sister might hiss and growl at him anyways when he first comes back since he will smell entirely different then he did when he left.
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