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Scarf colors for winter question?

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So I don't really wear scarves all that often. But with winter coming up I want to may some (different colors and styles) to try and sale for winter. So what are some colors (or combo of colors) that would work for scarves for winter? Also what is a good width and length for them as well. Also and I will make this a poll how much would you pay for a home made scarf?

On the poll the 4th option was suppose to be 25$ I mis typed.
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A well homemade scarf would be higher. So the $25 (your corrected price) is the one I'd pick. If it was not well made - then maybe $10-15 at the most.
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I fixed the poll. What type of yarn would you be using? "Fancier" yarns would sell for me than regular yarn.
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I was at the local WalMart this spring when they had scarves for $1 each. Got one fleece and one faux fur.

All my knitted scarves were made by my mommy.
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Different types. I don't have much choice locally. I can get baby weight (baby colors), regular afghan yarn, sport weight, bulky (hate that type) and the furry looking yarn. I think I can still get suede yarn tho that does cost a bit more for a small amount. I can get it online but then the price goes up becauseof the shipping cost of yarn.

I plan to experment with a bunch of different stitches with these as well. I have a big book of stitches that I will be practicing on doing.
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I have some "homemade scarves. To me the best ones are multi-colored.
I bought a great one I wear quite a bit-but it was on a weekend when artists open up their studio's so I really paid ALOT!! for it (around $70!!!). But I have had it a couple of years and wear quite a bit as it matches so many articles of clothes.
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I don't normally wear scarves, but my stepdad (he has awesome taste in women's clothes), bought me a muffler for x-mas one year.
Italian made virgin wool (OMG it's soft) and it's a gold and burgundy plaid.
I see all sorts of hand made scarves and similar stuff around here, priced anywhere from 10- 30 dollars depending on material and detail.
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I crochet a lot of scarves in the winter, I mostly give them away as christmas presents. I use the cheap yarn for the kids and I would only sell those for $15, if I used expensive yarn probably $25. It all depends on the work and time you put in it and the materials you use.
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Thanks for the feedback everyone. What are some color and/or color combos would be good for winter. I only ask because there is a very short list of colors I will wear personally (white, black and tan) so I have no idea what good winter colors people wear. Thanks.
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Ok just checked online for winter colors. Does this sound about right for colors people wear in the winter:

Neutrals: White, light grays to charcoal gray, black, taupe, navy
True blue, royal blue, turquoise, royal purple
True green, emerald green, pine green
Hot pink, magenta, fuchsia, burgundy, blue-red & true-red
Icy green, icy yellow, icy aqua, icy violet, icy pink, icy blue
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It depends. For fashion or for comfort? A good wool one, probably $25, but often $15.
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Originally Posted by K.J. View Post
It depends. For fashion or for comfort? A good wool one, probably $25, but often $15.
I plan to make some of both.
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I actually had a set made for me last year that I paid $65 for which included scarf, hat, and mitts. I normally just buy from the store but couldn't find a color to match the coat I had purchased last year, it is sort of a forest green with golden undertones, so I picked out yarn at the local sewing center and one of the ladies that worked there knits as a sideline.

The total breakdown is cost however was, $15 for the yarn and $50 to have it made...

The thing I like about it is the quality and it will last for years.
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The best way to price something you make is to add up the cost of the materials for one scarf and double it, or even 2 1/2 times it.

So if the materials cost you $10.00 then sell the scarf for $20.00. That's 100% profit.

The other way you could do it is to add up the cost of the materials for that one scarf and keep track of the hours it took you to make the scarf and charge an hourly wage (IE: Minimum wage). However, keep in mind that if it takes you 10 hours to knit a scarf that you aren't likely to sell many scarfs at $80.00 ($10 for the wool and $70 for the labour)

I bought a scarf several years ago from a department store. It's nice and long and made out of a fine wool with lycra or something in it which makes it 'stretchy". It's long enough that I can drape it over the top of my head and wrap it around my neck twice. I paid $40.00 plus taxes for that scarf back in the 1980's and I still have and use that scarf today.

I'll dig it out and take a picture of it.
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Here are the pictures:

Close up of the stitching. The white things you see are actually a glittery silver threading that was knit into the scarf.

More close up:

The scarf. It is folded in half.

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$10 because I am cheap
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If I was picking ones (personally) for color - it would be various shades of blue, purple or burgandy.

Now if you wanted to make me one, I'd like one that was chocolate brown and lighter beige so it would sorta look "ocicat" looking
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I'd pay $35 or over if it is a good quality wool and is well-made. For cashmere, I'd pay even more.

If synthetic or not well-made, I wouldn't buy it.
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