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Daily Thread HUMP day Oct 24

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Morning folks!

Well its finally Wednesday I can barely wait for the weekend...my boss is taking us to Niagara Falls and paying for hotel, dinner and spa I can't wait!!!

I will be getting my car back today too But I guess he had to get some special Japanese fittings for the brakelines..so I think it might be a little more $$ Anyway, I am going to be happy to have it back.. I feel like a mooching loser without a car

I hope you all have a great one!
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Congrats on getting your car back! Ooo...you're boss rocks! I've never had one that paid for a trip!

Today I'm going to try and make myself a goal of getting all our pictures hung up. We sort of hit a brick wall the last month in moving Basically we got down to the nic-nacs and gave up

In a little bit I'm running up to the drug store and getting Beauty some nose drops. I feel so bad that she can't breathe well.

Patches is starting to get phlemy also. She tried to hiss at Luna this morning, but it just didn't come out right
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Is it only Wednesday?

I wish it was the weekend already. I don't want to go to work!!!

Today I'm handing in my second grad school funding application so at least that will be that much less stress on me.
I HATE these stressful bureaucratic processes. I'd rather give a presentation in front of a few hundred people than give that application to a group of anonymous bureaucrats.

Ah well, I guess I'm just in a bad mood today. I wish my job wasn't so boring. And I wish I had more friends so I didn't have to spend all my evenings alone.

can I go back to bed yet?
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Well its cool but sunny here today. Waiting for the temps to warm up a bit before venturing out to one of my clients house. Not a whole lot I can do there still this year so I need to find out what he wants me to still do!!

Finished the BIG landscaping project in the front yard. Wasn't sure if I wanted to re-transplant the roses I moved in August but now its done!!!

Bakker was funny last nite-I carried in a small wooden table and a couple of seat cushions in to store in basement but apparently he likes them where I put them in the kitchen!!

Making cheeseburger chowder for dinner tonite.

Nothing else to exciting going on........
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Cheeseburger chowder?! Can I come over Gail!?
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Good morning and well good night also hehe
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