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Hunting Instinct

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Last night, Seamus was rustling around a lot in the office, jumping from ironing board to dresser to on top of the little tv on the dresser and back and forth... I turn the light on and there's a big nasty bug near the ceiling... there was too much for him to land safely and he wouldn't jump at it... I FREAKED... I live in the city, rarely get bugs lookin like this one... did the once over on the bug making sure it wasn't a roach (thank goodness it wasn't) and it made it's way into the light fixture and has been there all night... I figured he hadn't slept with me because he was on the hunt all night and the thing came out...

Well, it just moved and it's loud, he's freaking out, meowing, pacing on the ironing board, eyes fixed on the light fixture, trying to figure out a way to get to it... I won't go after it, I'm freaked by it I'm waiting for it to come out and for him to catch it... I've never seen the little hunter come out for real, only the play hunter

My big question... as creeped out as I am, if him catching and potentially eating the bug is harmful to him, I'll suck it up... will him possibly eating the nasty bug make him sick?
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My cats catch and eat bugs all the time but with that being said I could not tell you if this bug would be harmful or not with out knowing what it was. If you can remember somewhat what it looks like I would do a search on the internet for bugs common to your area. Hopefully you can figure out what it is and be able to more determine if it would be harmful or not to your cat. They are pretty mighty hunters, are they not?
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Can you keep him out of that room until you deal with the bug? And can you get someone to help you catch it and let it back outside? I have cat-bug issues all the time, so I use a fairly large plastic jar thingy and thin sheet of stiff paper or cardboard to trap the bugs (I'm in the country) and get them outside again.
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